Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving right along...

Finally on the road;

Not without some drama;

On our way home;

Monday, September 21, 2009

Counting Down!

11 more sleeps and we're gone!

Lots to do, trying not to get sidetracked. As well as packing and dealing with all the paperwork also trying to get resume up and at'em as well as looking for work. So, trying to stay away from my cute little computer...kind of...

Geordie's doing well. He goes back and forth between wanting to go and not wanting to go. Most of the time he is more for the 'wanting to go' side but once in awhile he gets a little teary-eyed at the thought of leaving his friends.

One afternoon within half an hour he called for his gurls 4 times. They were doing homework. Finally on the fourth time when they said that they couldn't come out he said, 'Fine then! I'm moving to Canada tomorrow and you will never see me again because I will be there until I die!!"

Drama Queen anyone?!?!?

Speaking of which. This was Callum just seconds a go when Geordie had a small toy up to his lips;

Callum: "Get that out of your mouth!! You don't put small things in your mouth. You could swallow it and choke then we will have to take you to the hospital and spend at least $500! Wait until we are back in Canada!"

Off to be somewhat useful!!! Be around soon!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Bees!! ...well, people!

We have been crazy busy!

Trying to get everything together for the move.

This is not a complaint...AT ALL!!!

I am merely stating a fact!!!! :)

All summer Geordie has been talking about 'running a race' so we found a children's race for him. He did it this weekend. The US 10K Classic;

It was 0.5K (0.31 miles). There were 5 races for children and they were broken up by age, Geordie's race was for 5 & 6 year olds. Parents were allowed to run with the children, so Callum did. To be honest, I was more afraid for Callum running it than Geordie.

Look under the ( d's ) you will find Callum & Geordie

When the race started Callum was running behind Geordie but Geordie kept turning around to see where he was. So Callum quickly changed his strategy and moved in front of him;

Look at that form... and that hair...

Both 'boys' ran the whole race. I had told them both it's perfectly fine if you need to stop and walk. They had paced themselves well and did a lot of passing down the 'backstretch'. By the time Geordie thought about walking he could see the finish line.

If you ask Geordie he thinks that he came in second. The first 10 girls and first 10 boys receive a medal.

We just know that he was in the top 10 for boys and his time was somewhere around 3 minutes and 23 seconds;

...take note of the 'cheese smile'

The proud parents and the tired of pictures Geordie!

**update; Callum slept well that night! ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet Home Nova Scotia...

Well, it's final! We are moving home!

Kinda' crazy! As most of you know we have been here, in the south, for almost 6 years (OCt 24th will be our sixth 'anniversary'). Unfortunately, we have been trying to get out for four and a half of those years.

Since spring, Callum has been actually looking for a job outside the automotive industry, just like everyone else.
We had decided that we would go anywhere from Toronto to Halifax. We were also not going to totally rule out some countries in Europe. During the week I would weed through jobs and send them to him. On the weekend Callum would apply.

Skip to now. We are signed, sealed and about to be delivered!!!!

If Callum was to write down everything that he wants in a job, this would pretty much be it. It's a toaster bonus that it happens to be back home.

Now, it's my turn! Weeding through jobs for me and then applying. Meanwhile, getting everything sorted here. We have had 4 moving estimators come, and a quote from Uhaul.
Uhaul is looking pretty good right now.

...and just when I started liking grits!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am SO going to heaven!

A cute little 112 year old (not looking a day over 80, I might add!) arrived at the pearly gates;

St. Peter: "Yes my dear, what makes you worthy of entrance?"

Cute Little 112 year old: "I lived in rural Georgia for five years, 11 months, 5 of those years under the Bush Administration..."

...and with that the bells rang, the choirs sang and the gates burst open...

St. Peter: "Come in, come in, my dear. You have served your time in hell!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's really in a name...

I was a single parent this weekend.
Callum was away so it was just Geordie and I!

It just happened that my brother's girlfriend was near by for the weekend so we went over to visit. It was a quick trip as she was here on business and didn't have that much time. We left Saturday around noon. Checked in to the hotel and then went swimming for a bit.

Geordie knew that 'my friend' was coming to meet us. He kept asking questions about her.
Finally when 'my friend' knocked on the door Geordie went and hid under the desk.
Tara walks in and as she talks Geordie peeks out. For 30 seconds he just stood there. He didn't know what to do. Then...the showman appears!

What a showoff he is!!! It's insane!!!

We had been in the hotel room for a bit and Geordie whispers to me; "what's her name again?" Of course, you know that a five year old whisper is the equivalent to an adult talking!

Geordie has the ability to remember EVERYTHING about someone...except their name! He can tall you what size shoe you have or what you ate when you were with him, but tell you your name...very unlikely!

So, we went out to dinner

This is Geordie's new 'cheese smile'.

When we were waiting for our table Geordie was even more rambunctious than usual. When I went to tell him to settle down I get;

"I know Mummy. It's just that I'm so excited that Tara's here. I can't help it."

Again, using the whisper!

After supper we took Tara to try a donut from Krispy Kreme as we do not have it back home...just the commercial!!

eat your heart out Greg!

Geordie enjoyed it too;

Geordie didn't stop talking about Tara for the rest of the night, and half the next day! aaaaahhhh...young luv!!

update: girlfriend is now soon to be sister-in-law!


Monday, August 10, 2009

We Survived...with a phone call home of course!

Well, we have 2 days of big school under our belt and now into the first full week.

Day 1; I picked him up and everything was great! The whole car line thing down here is definitely something to see! He enjoyed his first day. In his class is a girl (cute, blonde) who was in his class two years a go in nursery school. Back then she went back and forth between Geordie and his friend. Now she goes to church with Geordie's friend so she is his friend's girlfriend. We'll see if that's the same by the end of the week.

We have been told that he needs to look good everyday because she is in his class.

Before I tell about day 2 I will try and explain about the discipline system in his class.
Everyone starts with a green stamp. This is Groovy Green, it means you have had a good day.
Proud Purple - you had an exceptionally great day!
Okay Orange - you have been talked to once.
Watch out White (I think) - you have been talked to again and during play time after lunch you have to do laps of the playground.
Yikes Yellow - your parents are called.
Boo Blue - office!


Day 2; Callum dropped him off in the car line. Everything went fine. Around 1:oo I get a phone call from his teacher. Yup...Geordie was on Yikes Yellow!

He was 'cutting up' (didn't think it would be appropriate to ask what that was at the time, figured it meant messing around and asked a friend later on) not listening, etc...

The teacher said that usually there are a couple of children who test them in the first week of school (for us day 2!). They just want to get a handle on things right away. She was incredibly apologetic. As we all know, Geordie is beyond a tester (he had a letter home in his first week last year at nursery school as well, same deal...seeing how far he can go) and he needs to be put in his place right away or he will keep trying.

Then I had to talk to Geordie. He was upset;

Geordie: "Mummy?"

Me: "Geordie, what's going on?"

Geordie: "I don't know." (through tears)

Me: "Well, why aren't you listening?" Totally nice voice

Geordie: "I don't know. (again, through tears) I don't want to be here. I just want to be home with you forever!"

Me: "OKAY!!! I'll come and get you and you can stay with me forever! You'll never have to go to that bad school again!!!"

Seriously?!?! Do you think I said that?!?!
Of course I didn't!!!! But it didn't stop me from thinking it!!!!

Went on to tell him that going to school is like Daddy going to work and reminded him what he likes about it. Also the whole love you but disappointed, yadda, yadda, yadda...

When I picked him up an hour and a half later. All was well!

Callum and I discussed it and we felt that he was disciplined enough...this time! If it happens again, he won't be so lucky!

That evening when I was talking to Geordie;

Me: "Geordie, did you do laps during your play time outside?"

Geordie: "Oh yes, we ran them."

Me: "WE?!?! Who else?"

Geordie: "Me and 'the girl'!"

...and so it begins!!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

He's not ready for school...

He's still my baby!!!!

Okay! Maybe it's not him! Maybe it's me! Callum tells me it's me!

Today was Geordie's first day at school, school. Not a nursery school, but an honest to goodness public school where they HAVE to take him!

The other night we went for orientation where we met the teacher, checked out the classroom, the school, etc...

There was quite a celebration going on with various inflatables and food. It was actually a great way to start things off. The only thing we found a little different was that they were giving out free Bibles, again public school ;

It ended up that the local church, where many of our friends go and work, were putting the whole thing on. They also donated all the school supplies, including back pack. Thanks!

Last night Geordie was in bed by 7:30, I had his lunch and bag packed by 7:45. At about 8:15 I heard some noise up in his room. After a bit I went up to check on him. There he was in his boxers and a t-shirt lying in bed. When we put him down he was in his cute little pyjamas. I asked him why he changed;

"I'm a big boy now, I'm starting big school tomorrow so I have to wear this to bed now. Just before I fall asleep I'll have to take my shirt off and just sleep in my boxers. Remember Mummy, I'm getting older now."

This morning when I went in to wake him up. He was a little awake and asked if it was time to get up. I told him he had a couple more minutes and laid down beside him. He told me he needed a little bit of alone time. *sniff, sniff*

As Callum pointed out, he is not making it any easier on us.

Look how far I went! I pulled a 'my father' and took a picture of him waking up.
Didn't even realize I was doing it until after it was done. It's like my father was sitting on my shoulder saying, "Princess, get your camera, go to the bedroom and call out 'Geordie', SNAP!"
To Geordie, I apologize...still putting it up though!

While Geordie got dressed, including gel and 'oderant so that he smells good! I worked on the breakfast. Whole grain flax seed waffle with smoothie. One of his favourites! Note; smoothie seriously takes 3 minutes to make (frozen bananas, yogurt, milk, orange juice, ice)

Lunch had been packed the night before. Homemade pizza pockets and fruit salad. Check out the spork! Love it!!

Lunch is packed. Last week I had ordered some new products for lunches from One Small Step. Great new company that have amazingly great service. I was going back and forth between the lunchbots and another product. I ordered the other product and when it arrived I was very unimpressed with it. They had no problem exchanging it and within less than a week I had lunchbots.

Sorry about the picture, totally bloggers fault! :oP

It is going to be interesting to hear how many other children bring their lunch. When we asked the teacher and teacher's assistant about Geordie bringing his lunch, we kind of got the feeling that they thought that, that was not normal! You can get lunch at the cafeteria for $1.65.

We decided last night to start the first day exactly as it will always be. Callum will be driving Geordie to school so we didn't want to freak him out and have me go as well. Although I really wanted to go. We just thought that having me go would be more for me than for Geordie. Since the orientation was the other night and we knew what teacher he was getting, had met her and checked out the classroom we figured all was well.

Here is Geordie's 'camera' pose.

First time in his new seat.
Before this we had just been switching off cars because we were so close.

Truth, didn't want him to go! He is telling me to close the door.

There they go. Here comes the sniffles.

Callum called me after he dropped him off.
That's where Callum learned that he wasn't ready either.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Child Labour?!?!?

Last weekend Geordie asked to have a lemonade stand. Conversation went like this;

Geordie: "Mummy, can I have a lemonade stand?"

Me: "Sure, you can have it tomorrow (Saturday) morning in front of the house."

Geordie: "Oh no, that wouldn't be good. Nobody comes down our street. We need to find another place."

Me: "People will be coming down tomorrow. There are yard sales going on throughout the neighbourhood so there will be a lot of traffic."

Geordie: "okay." not totally convinced!

So Saturday morning...well before 9 AM this was the scene outside our house;

Of was slow moving at first and someone was just as excited to have access to non-stop lemonade.

The first car came down and Geordie stood beside his table and waved. The car turned around in the cul-de-sac and came up, stopped and gave him some money. He was okay with that! He quickly figured out that, that was what he needed to do; stand up and wave. His next customer was a very southern woman. He tried to only fill her glass up half way to which she responded, "oh no baby! you need to fill that up!".

So, little by little business picked up. Some just gave money. Others did buy a glass. Most people asked if this was the only thing that we were selling. The yard sale down here is a way of life! It's crazy. I am positive that some people make their living from it. You would not believe the amount of vehicles that drive around with trailors behind them going from yard sale to yard sale.

Well, in the end Geordie made $7.78. He was very happy;

What did he do with the money?!?!? He bought 'checkmarks'!

Sounds weird, huh?!? Or should I say, "eh"?!?

This idea started from a friend. Her children do various 'chores' to get checkmarks. Each checkmark is worth a dollar. They work their way up to the amount they need, to get what they want. For example her 8 year old (who was 7 at the time) got a Wii this way.

Geordie wanted the Lego Star Wars game which was $20 so he had to get 20 checks. He would do various things like clean the garage, help with laundry, vaccuum. We do not give checks for the regular things that he has to do such as clean up his toys. Once or twice we gave him a check just because he was incredibly well mannered somewhere or did a good deed.

Once he had the money from his sale we thought, why not let him buy some checks as well?!?
So, 7 check marks he bought! ...and is he ever happy!!

What do you do to teach your child that not everything comes for free or when they want it?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maybe those NRA guys aren't that bad...

Recently we have been having many phone calls from the NRA. Usually we have not been home to answer, or I did not get to the phone in enough time.

Today I did;

me: "Hello"

NRA: "Hello, could I speak to Mr Wright please?"

me: "I'm sorry, he's not here right now. Can I take a message?"

NRA: "No, that's okay, we'll call at another time."

me: "Can I ask who is calling?"

NRA: "This is the National Rifle Association"

I will admit, hearing that was a little weird.

me: "Oh, is it possible for you to take us off your list? We're Canadian!"

NRA: "Sure, I'm sorry. We did not know of your circumstances. I will take you off the list right now!"

I never realized that being a Canadian was a circumstance!

I will say that the representative I talked to was incredibly polite and did not push anything. I still would not like to meet up with them for some 'fun' though!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Please summer just end...

While everyone back home is just beginning their summer (or quarter of the way into it) I have had it with summer. March/April here is like June back home; May is like July/August. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing!

School gets out here at the end of May, for the first two weeks the children on our street are outside all day long playing. It's great! and takes me back to my childhood (*sniff*) when we would go out for the whole day and play. Well, as I said, that happens for approximately two weeks, then it's too hot for them to go out. Some are then in all day camps and others stay in their house ALL DAY LONG!

This week is our first week without any classes or lessons. At this point I am so tired of summer I am ready to just stay in the house all day and do nothing. Luckily the last couple of days have had a nice breeze (usually there is no breeze what-so-ever at all!). But the 2 weeks before that it was hot and humid and I was just tired of it! I found that I didn't want to do anything, especially make supper at the end of the day. We had one week where we ate out three times!!! For us, that's huge!!!! We might eat out once or twice a month.

So for me, I am done with summer. Although give me the chance and I would love to enjoy some of the summer back home... with the breeze and wearing shorts with long sleeve shirts/jackets (a popular fashion of the eas' coast). All I know is that when the time comes and we are finally back in Canada...I will never complain about the cold again!!


We have to find a lot of indoor's one!

Geordie loves the Chipmunks although he calls them Simon and the Chipmunks. His reasoning; "Simon is the smartest, and my favourite so he should be in charge!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If I Want It, I Get It!!!!

This weekend past was pretty big back home!

Sir Paul McCartney played Halifax, in his only Canadian show!

Now my Father is an incredibly huge McCartney fan and believes that they have some kind of bond as they are both left handed (remember my bubble and that bubbles do not fall far from the sky). So, the 'children' (a.k.a. The boys, Callum, and I) got Dad tickets.

In the end it was the 3 MacKenzie Boys that went. **
They said that they had a great time.

Now, as I am in Georgia, I was not there. Of course this killed me. I actually have seen Paul McCartney in concert and he's amazing!!!! If you ever get the chance...GO!! So it wasn't entirely that, what bothered me is the fact that they were all doing something together and I wasn't there. Me?!?! Princess?!?! Seriously?!?! How can they have fun without me?!?!?

Yes, my friends I suffer from F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing out).
Unfortunately, I have passed this fear on to Geordie as well.

Since, in my bubble, I get everything I want...


**Nobody leaves Sissy out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Was I Not Warned?!?!?

Geordie has always been a sweet easy going child.

Sure he has bad ass tendencies, a stubborn streak so long it might get me home, and negotiates till the cows come.

...but he has pretty much been a go with the flow kind of guy!

Don't get me wrong...he still is that way, for the most part, but a couple of months ago once in a while we get this child who looks like our sweet, adorable easy going, non tantrumy Geordie but instead we get a tantrum throwing, talking back, demanding little bugger!

At first we were worried. I had never heard of this 'stage' we thought it was just us! Luckily, mum's talk, and I found out that everyone was having the same problem!! One friend even referred to it as, "the f-ing fives".

We are dealing with this 'phase' using 'time outs', alone time (which we know is the worst thing for Geordie), and taking things away. We have been doing well (yes, I'm patting ourselves on the back). We are following through (99% of the time, okay maybe 92%..but still!!!), and we are not raising our voices.

...but, how much longer will this last?!?!? how much longer will we last?!?!?

Why did I not know about this stage?!?
Did you go through it? Are you going through it?
What did you do?

If you have yet to get to this stage, be warned!!! This makes me want to go back to those 'attitude threes'!!!


Friday, June 26, 2009

So, I did it! 5K in high 30's C / almost 100 F... in the shade!! Let me tell you though...there was not much shade. Way too hot for this Canadian Girl, but I did it. As you can see my time is to the left! to find a 10K! Preferably in the fall...and preferably in Canada! :oP
Meanwhile, would you believe that our child is a s*@t disturber?!?!?
Hard to believe, isn't it?!?!?
The other day at Karate, there is another child who is exactly 2 years older than Geordie and has taken a liking to him. Geordie doesn't really want to have anything to do with him. So, he says hi to the child but tries not to sit by him. To be honest, I can see why Geordie wants to stay clear of him.
Yesterday, this child kept coming up to me to 'tattle' on Geordie. First the "he said he won't be my friend" then a couple other things then finally he came up to me and told me that Geordie just punched him. Guess what?!?! Geordie wasn't even near him when he said it happened.
Five minutes later the boy went to sit next to Geordie, next thing I know that child is whining about having red eyes. He came over to his mother and asked her about his red eyes and she told him that they were not red. He went back and sat next to Geordie;
Annoying child: "my eyes aren't red"
Geordie: "Yes they are. I can see it! It's really red!"
Annoying Child: "really!??! but my mother said they weren't" starting to freak a little
Geordie: totally calm "Nope! They're bright red!"
Unfortunately, the apple does not fall far from the tree. BOTH Callum and I love pushing other people's buttons!

Friday, June 19, 2009

1/2 Fish

Summer is coming along meltingly! Seriously! I am melting more ways than one!!! Tomorrow is my 5K. The weather is saying, 'feels like' 38 C. Here's hoping the route is shaded!!

The swimming lessons are going great! Here's Geordie in his first session of swimming lessons.

Front crawl (or what they call free style); back crawl; breast stroke and play time at the end! Would you believe that the water is 12ft deep here. He knows that it's "2 Grandad's" long and thinks absolutely nothing of it! Our philosophy...what's the difference between 12 ft or 4 ft for him?!?!?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Unclear & 'Misread-able'

So I received a comment the other day by anonymous. I did not take it as 'trolly', but I do feel that it is one for discussion.

In my post last week; 'Thoughts on Geordie'.

I wrote how I had told him, 'We are a lot different than most of the people here, we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us.'

I realize now that it was unclear and could be misread. I have also discussed this with Geordie.

My new friend Newt from the Tyler, Texas area pointed this out to me by commenting;
Anonymous said...

"we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us"

Are the "people who are more like us" those who are into diversity and who appreciate other people with different lifestyles, outlooks, etc.?


So, to answer your question Newt, and to expand on something I should have in the first place;

Yes, 'the people who are more like us' ARE into diversity and appreciate other people with different lifestyles, outlooks, etc... That is why we want to be surrounded by them.

Being here for almost 6 years we have taken in the culture, we now say grill instead of BBQ. We do not regret the move here as it has taught us a lot. Unfortunately, though, where we live there is not much diversity, different lifestyles and/or outlooks. There is also not a lot of appreciation of other cultures. As always, I will point out that this is not everyone. We have surrounded ourselves with some great people, who do think differently than us and yet, we still love them! ;)

So, I probably should have said something like '...we want to be surrounded by diversity and appreciation of many cultures...'

Does that sound right?!?
Have you ever been unclear and/or misread?


Friday, June 12, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers...

That is actually Virginia's claim to fame. I find this extremely funny as Callum and I have only ever been there with Geordie in tow AND HIS PARENTS!!!!!

Last weekend at a glance;

Race wise...good quali, horrible first race, found out something happened to the carbor-thingie, had to work for a while fixing it; race final next am went extremely well.

The beginning... we're the orange car. I think they call it a Lola but truthfully I don't know if that means the type (like sedan), the company (like Honda), or the make (like Accord)...and again, I think that it's a Lola.

The middle...

Geordie's "Grandpa just passed someone" dance.

The End
1st in class, 3rd overall!

Driving from the track to the podium (picture by Geordie)

'The Team'

Driving back to the garage from the podium

...and, as always, he was catered too;

Here's the view from my chair, where I was more than excited that there was WiFi for me and my little friend. I asked if they needed any help once or twice...well, maybe I just thought of asking; As they say, it's the thought that counts! ;)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Creative Conversations...

Although Geordie is going through a huge, "I don't like girls" phase he has a few that seem to be void of this rule.

There are his 10 year old twins across the street, and of course N.J. , then there is Tara!

Tara is my brothers girlfriend and Geordie is more than smitten...still...and he has not seen her since Christmas!!

A couple of weeks a go when we were in Wilmington. We were sitting around Callum's parents table having lunch discussing something or other that had absolutely nothing to do with anything Tara!;

Grandpa: "...the little blonde one?"

Geordie: (who was not even involved in this conversation) "who? what? Do you mean Tara?!?"

Grannie: "Who is Tara?"

Me: "Greg's girlfriend."

Geordie: "Who's Greg?!?"

Yes, my friends...complete denial!

A couple of weeks a go Callum and I were discussing a 'project' that Geordie needed to do for his graduation;

Me: "Oh, it says that he can draw us, we don't need to get a picture, we'll just get him to draw one."

Callum: "He can draw us?!?!?!"

Me: "Yes! That's what it says."

Callum: "Okay?!?! But I'm telling you is NOT going to look like us!!"

Callum called home, Geordie answered;

Callum: "Did you call?"

Geordie: "No."

Callum: "Did Mummy call?"

Geordie: "No"

Callum: "Are you sure?"

* this from the guy who you have to ask 'did the phone ring while I was gone? did you answer it?' too!

Geordie: "Daddy, I know that Mummy did not call you!"

Callum: "Is Mummy sitting right beside you?"

Geordie: "No, she's in the shower, that's how I know she didn't call you. Can you call back later please?"

Callum: "Yes" ...feeling a little silly.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation of a pre-schooler (part I)

Here is the beginning of Geordie's 'graduation'. He is front row middle. He is the loud voice that you can hear clearly until there are words that he is unsure of...although, that didn't stop him from belting it out loud and clear! It's possible that he is the only child in his class who did not know this song until he was taught it here. ;)

Anyone care to bet money that Callum rolled his eyes at the chorus of 'aaaaahhhhhsss' from the parents!??!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on Geordie

* This is all talk, there is no moving...yet!*

Geordie has been talking a lot about moving lately. A couple of weeks a go this conversation came up;

Geordie; "Why are we moving?"

Me; "Mummy & Daddy are not from here and we only came down here to live for a bit and experience a different 'culture' and we feel that our time is more than up."

Geordie; "But I like it here. I don't want to leave my girls! Why do we have to leave?"

Me; "Well, it's kind of hard to explain but this is not exactly a great fit for Mummy and Daddy. We are a lot different than most of the people here, we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us. Plus, we like winter. Remember Mummy & Daddy are Canadian."

Geordie; "But I'm from here."

Me; "Yes, you were born here but you are also a Canadian citizen because Mummy & Daddy are. Just like Daddy is Canadian but he is also Scottish because that's where Grannie & Grandpa are from."

Geordie; "I like it here though."

Me; "I know, but you'll like it there too. You'll make more friends and there will be things to do there that you can't do skiing and snowboarding."

Geordie; "But I don't have ski boots."

Me; "Well, we can get some. There is also skating."

Geordie; "OH YEAH!!!! ...and then I can do hockey.
Okay...I'm ready, let's move to Canada!

Since then there has been much talk about moving from Geordie, although nothing has come up yet!
Only problem is that he thinks that moving to Canada means moving to Halifax. We have had to explain that, that might not be the case. Just hoping that wherever we end up they have a skate park as good as Halifax's. He talks about it all the time... to the point where he only goes to the one in Carrollton to practise for the one in Hali!

Here was the conversation the other day;

Geordie; "Will we live with Nana & Grandad?"

Me; "Remember Geordie we might not be moving to Halifax. There are other places in Canada too."

Callum; "...but yes, we would probably stay with Nana & Grandad for a bit and then move to our own home."

Geordie; "But I want to live with Nana & Grandad forever!"

Callum; "Yeah?!?!? Well Mummy & Daddy DON'T!"


Monday, June 1, 2009

Mumbles on a Monday!

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. In the last week of school I was trying to get out and do things that I can't do when I have a five year old trailing behind. We had Geordie's graduation (pictures to come soon). Took a trip to Wilmington and spent some great days on the beach! Water at just over 20 degrees May!!! Who can complain!?!?! Does water EVER get that warm back home at any time?!?!?

Then we get back and try and get into a regular routine for summer.

So...this is what we are up too! Mornings consist of yoga for lumpy parts, work (reading, math, geography) then off to swimming lessons. Afternoon some quiet time, then some kind of experiment, finish with an outing (today we are signing up for Karate, we checked out a class last week and Geordie loved it!). Each Wednesday afternoon we have a playdate with friends. Really it's for the mother's sanity but the children think it's totally for them! ;)

This coming weekend we are off to VIRginia for a crazy race weekend. Then back to the 'schedule' next week. We will be spending 10 days at the end of June/beginning of July in Wilmington as Geordie will be going to camp there and Lynn is coming down. We will be able to celebrate Canada Day (July 1st) as well as the 4th of July there. We're looking forward to a laid back beach vacation!! Although, I might drive Lynnie nuts with touristy things. I'm psyched for a ghost walk! Love those things!!

Note; this means that out of 45 days I will be spending 19 with my in-laws.
That's just over can now call me Saint Helen! ;)

I have also signed up for a 5K. On June 20th at 10am I will be running in Chandler Park in Atlanta. Do you know how hot that's going to be?!?!?!?! I know I can, I know I can...

So, have you made your plans for this summer?


Friday, May 15, 2009

Bang! Bang! Let's Play.

I have a few questions before I allow my child to come to your house;

#1 Do you own a gun?

#2 Is that gun under lock?

People might think that I'm crazy but in the first three weeks that we lived here there were at least 6 shootings where a child shot the gun. Yes, they were 'playing' with a gun that they had 'found' that was not under lock and key I'm not even going to mention the fact that it was loaded!

There have been 2 times that I have not asked. Luckily those households ended up fine. But it is something that I will not do again. I'm not chancing it!

Unfortunately we have neighbours who not only have a gun loaded in a shoebox, "but it's okay because it's up high in the closet" they also allow their 9 year old to play with a BB gun out in the middle of the street and yard. They have allowed this since he was 6. Now, please tell me, what do you think will happen when he comes across that 'real' gun?!?

I know people try and tell me that it's about freedom, that they have The Right to Bear Arms but due to my upbringing I fail to see the freedom in any of it.

One bloggie friend mentioned a little while back about how stores are running out of ammunition because people are buying it up like crazy for fear of the Obama administration putting a tax on it. Have I mentioned lately how much I love taxes?!?!

I have been told numerous times that there are laws about guns here and you do have to go through a screening...but I guess there is a loophole. One can buy a gun at a gun show without a background check. Now, how safe does that make you feel?!?!

Georgia also passed a law a couple of years a go allowing you to have a concealed weapon in your car. Again, it's freedom.

So, what do you need to know about a family/house before you allow your child, or yourself to visit?

Many friends were surprised when we allowed Geordie to have a gun with his costume this past Halloween.
It's a toy, he knows this. He also knows that real guns are extremely dangerous.