Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on Moving...by Geordie

* This is all talk, there is no moving...yet!*

Geordie has been talking a lot about moving lately. A couple of weeks a go this conversation came up;

Geordie; "Why are we moving?"

Me; "Mummy & Daddy are not from here and we only came down here to live for a bit and experience a different 'culture' and we feel that our time is more than up."

Geordie; "But I like it here. I don't want to leave my girls! Why do we have to leave?"

Me; "Well, it's kind of hard to explain but this is not exactly a great fit for Mummy and Daddy. We are a lot different than most of the people here, we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us. Plus, we like winter. Remember Mummy & Daddy are Canadian."

Geordie; "But I'm from here."

Me; "Yes, you were born here but you are also a Canadian citizen because Mummy & Daddy are. Just like Daddy is Canadian but he is also Scottish because that's where Grannie & Grandpa are from."

Geordie; "I like it here though."

Me; "I know, but you'll like it there too. You'll make more friends and there will be things to do there that you can't do here...like skiing and snowboarding."

Geordie; "But I don't have ski boots."

Me; "Well, we can get some. There is also skating."

Geordie; "OH YEAH!!!! ...and then I can do hockey.
Okay...I'm ready, let's move to Canada!

Since then there has been much talk about moving from Geordie, although nothing has come up yet!
Only problem is that he thinks that moving to Canada means moving to Halifax. We have had to explain that, that might not be the case. Just hoping that wherever we end up they have a skate park as good as Halifax's. He talks about it all the time... to the point where he only goes to the one in Carrollton to practise for the one in Hali!

Here was the conversation the other day;

Geordie; "Will we live with Nana & Grandad?"

Me; "Remember Geordie we might not be moving to Halifax. There are other places in Canada too."

Callum; "...but yes, we would probably stay with Nana & Grandad for a bit and then move to our own home."

Geordie; "But I want to live with Nana & Grandad forever!"

Callum; "Yeah?!?!? Well Mummy & Daddy DON'T!"



Chantal said...

There are lots of great skate parks in Ottawa :)

xup said...

Ya, let me know if you come to Ottawa!! And that great skate park is in Halifax because some mom decided her kid needed a great skate park and got together a group of other moms and dads and they raised the money and got permissions and got the thing built! You can too!!

chelle said...

hehe NOOOOOO come HERE! hehe!
Moving is a tough subject but it sounds liek he will be just fine when the time is right :)

much more than a mom said...

I have a suggestion for a great place! ;-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


Anonymous said...

"we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us"

Are the "people who are more like us" those who are into diversity and who appreciate other people with different lifestyles, outlooks, etc.?


Helen E.M. Wright said...

Hey Newt!

Please see this post...


kj said...

"plus we like winter" made me laugh.