Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bubbles, Glasses and Racing...

Geordie and Callum have been busy. Last weekend they went to Alabama and watched the Indy practice or something or other. They went with Uncle Vijay and had a great time!!! Although Geordie did admit that he likes Grandpa's races better!

This past weekend it was a rainy one. All indoor activities!! Here is their new addiction!!
(please ignore mess in back, this is our one room that we have not organized! we just recently started using it and this is what it is used for!)

As for me, what have I been up to on the weekends...

Hello, my name is Helen and I am addicted to House Hunters International!!


I have been watching television less and less. Just not interested... then this show comes along!!

I blame my in-laws!!! When they were here they tied me down and made me watch it!! They also poured wine down my throat!!! YES!!! They are like that!!! ;)

So, it is now on my favourites list and I get to watch it on the weekend. Saturday morning I was all set for the 6th district in Paris; by Saturday night I was buying a cave house in Southern Spain. Sunday morning I changed my mind and had my heart set on a house on the Mediterranean in Italy. By that evening I was back to Paris...

We've discussed my bubble before and how it's a great place where everything goes my way! You think it's a joke, don't you!?!? Unfortunately It's not. There are a lot of times I really do live in this bubble and therefore think that I can do anything. For example, I think that we could go and live in one of these places...no matter the cost.
Where the money comes from?!? No idea! I don't think about things like that! That's just silly!!

I also think that if I played the lotto I would have a good chance of winning.

I blame my father for this. As my mother says, "Your father's glass half full is ALWAYS full!"

Now, before you start feeling bad for Callum and what he has to put up with...I do have my head on straight for some things!! Fortunately, they are usually the things that Callum lives in a bubble about.

Example, last year when Callum had to go to Germany for work. A couple of days before going he comes home freaked out about how we have to buy a new suitcase. To begin we have plenty of luggage and it's all in perfectly good condition! BUT...our bags were either too small or too big for what Callum wanted to bring. Therefore, in Callum's mind, we had to quickly run out and buy a $100 medium size piece of luggage for him to take this one trip to Germany!!
Needless to say, we did not buy a new suitcase!

I think everyone has a little bit of a bubble. I'm not talking about 'what if'...I'm talking about really thinking that you can do something!!!

What's in your bubble?


Friday, March 27, 2009

"I getting my cars!"

We deal with A LOT of negotiating in this house. Geordie is NEVER without another plan! We get, "okay, here's the deal..." with hand motions and all!! Most of the time it's okay, once in awhile we have to walk away from him.

For the most part it's one of those traits that you want your child to have as an adult but as a child...not so much!

Geordie is also very stubborn (he could compete with Uncle Greg!) and sometimes we have to go to the extreme. For example; now, if toys are not cleaned up and we have to do it, they are to go to Goodwill. Fortunately, this has not happened yet but I also know that if it does come to that it would only happen once. Plus, really, do you seriously think that he does not have enough toys to spare?!?!?

Three years a go when Geordie was 2 if he did not clean up his toys they went in time out...up in the attic! It actually only had to happen once. This was the time...

You have to admit...he's a persistent little bugger!! ;)

Mean parents aren't we?!?! I know the bubble over all the Grandparent's heads are, "how can they do that to our poor wee Geordie!".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guess what?!?! Your S#@T does stink!!

So there is a big commotion going on up in Canada, eh!?!?

Has anyone heard about it?!? Probably not!
Unless you go out of your way in this country you don't know about anything that happens outside of it!

This was a couple of days a go...

There is really not much to say. I am not surprised by this at all!! We've been dealt with numerous ignorant words from people. It's not all their fault. Seriously! There are not many opportunities to learn about other countries here... unless you take the time yourself! Hopefully the new government will change that!

A little over a month a go this email was going around down here;

"We have just found out that hidden in the so called stimulus package is the creation of Universal Healthcare including the rationing of care for certain age groups. This Universal Health care plan is a duplicate of the Canadian system and will destroy healthcare as we know it. Please contact your Senators, Chambliss and Isakson, and tell them to take Universal Healthcare OUT of the stimulus package!! "

I would make a bet that 95% of the people that forwarded this off have never been outside this country. Have never experienced anything outside this country...so how can they criticize another's ways?!?

There is way too much to say about how this country sees itself and those outside of it. It does need to wake up! Here's an example of how some things can be done!

Meanwhile, Bill Maher (who, before moving down here I thought was a little too over the top, I now think is spot on!) says it best...and this was 2 years a go when many things were not as bad as they are now!

* on a side note...not all Americans are like this. It's just unfortunate that there are so many that are.
Also, just asking but what flag are American backpackers told to wear when traveling around the world?!?!?!


Friday, March 20, 2009

This is why I am (almost) starting to understand why people home school here!!

Dear Public School System,

Yesterday we 'registered' our son for grade primary (that's kindergarten down here!) where we filled out paper work and he was tested.

Now, before I begin, I understand the whole making the classes equal argument and everything... but really?!?! How equal can they be when they only test on certain things?!?! Or, what about the fact that my child is going off with someone new, to a place they have never been before and asked question?!? How comfortable do you think that made him?!?! Was he in the best frame of mind to be tested?!? I will refrain from talking about the fact that it was around noon and he was incredibly hungry.

During the interview with the head of that year. We were told that there are two tests that they do. The first one has to do with drawing shapes, alphabet, numbers, body parts and from what I got drawing a person. We were then told that on this first test the average mark is 70 - 85 and that Geordie received a 65.

Yes, we were told that our child was below average!!

The second test was more on reading and he was in the fourth of five levels. Above average!

Now, we know that when it comes to the alphabet Geordie sings K,K instead of J,K and B instead of V. He also, like all good Canadians, says ZED...which I have learned that people down here have no idea what that is. That being said he can tell you all the letters by sight.

As for body parts, I guess he was not sure on heel. He was not asked about the respiratory and/or digestive system. He can tell you all about that, including where 'parts' are!

We get to the drawing of a person that Geordie did. The 'interviewer' (because that was what she was! As we are outside the district and trying to get into this school she was 'interviewing' us to make sure that we were worthy) said that there wasn't enough detail in the drawing.

From what I could see there was a body, 2 legs, 2 arms, a head with eyes, nose and mouth with some hair. More details?!?! You more than understand that it is a person! Arts and crafts is not exactly Geordie's shtick! It is not a high priority for him! Believe me he has been encouraged and given every opportunity to do it, he would just rather go outside or play Lego.

The 'interviewer' then goes on to tell us what we should do to help him along...

1) "set the table, 2 forks..."
-Geordie knows how to set the table correctly, he was not asked that?!?!

2) "when you're driving talk about the colours"
-Geordie knows the primary colours AND what colours make what!! Now I did ask if they had asked about colours. He was not!

3) "repeat the alphabet after him the correct way"
-Yeah, we do that...he's just too stubborn and a know it all to listen!

He was not asked about;

-the periodic table of elements, as he is learning that! Sure, he only knows 2 so far...but still!

- geography. He knows where many places are on the globe (or map) as well as most of his continents and he has an amazing sense of direction and can lead you anywhere!

- how to put air into a tire, or change a tire...that he could tell you!

-time on a clock as he's been working on that.

- how to work a computer

-athletic ability; where he could tell you that since the age of 3 he was swimming on his own (without a flotation device) and riding a 2-wheeler.
Not to mention his skateboarding and soccer skills!

-any type of problem solving; because he excels at that!

-how to work TiVO and a radio helicopter.

-the water cycle

These are all things that Geordie could have easily told you about...and more! Believe me I could go on as we are trying to bring up a very well rounded child.

But, instead we are told that our child is below average.

Do you not see something wrong with this?!?


Another parent who thinks that their child is above average!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Scot's understanding of an Irish holiday...

 "...tonight we have to be home because it is green day and that means that the Hulk Incredible comes to your house and hides a treat for you."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Much To Say About Nothing

It's been awhile since I really wrote. Even then, far in between each post. Just don't really feel like it. I think we are in a bit of a rut. We are at a stand still for moving. Callum is working hard on his studies for his PMP, I'm working on my class, plus checking out jobs which I then send off to Callum to put in for. Sometimes it just seems that the end is nowhere in sight.

We are signing Geordie up for school here. We figure it's a Murphy's Law thing and if we don't sign him up, we'll be here. We go in on Thursday, with Geordie to register. He goes in one room and is tested, we go in another and fill out paper work...or so we're told. As soon as I heard the word test I wanted to scream! I know this society is huge for it's testing but before you even start school?!?! I can sign Geordie up back home by faxing in a form...that's it.

The house has been up for over a month. We had one family come for a showing the other day. Just came up and knocked on the door. Unfortunately Callum was home sick so we couldn't show it. As the estate agent said, "we're not used to someone living in the house that is for sale". There are 14 foreclosures in our neighbourhood. Well, 11 and 3 you can tell are about to be foreclosed on due to all the notices on their door.

I know, I know, it could be worse!!
I could be in Bahrain without electricity or gas!! ;)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Fumbling on a Friday

We have been up to a lot lately. It seems like I haven't had much time to sit down at the computer. I'm busy doing a course and Callum is studying his bum off working on his PMP, house is on the market (again) with an agent and last but not least we're just trying to get everything done!!

Meanwhile, Geordie is growing up!! I know, sounds silly, but lately some things have just been happening that make me a little sad. It's quite funny since he's always been incredibly independent.

Earlier this week Geordie decided that it was time to get rid of his booster seat (we have never used the cover!) at the kitchen table. I wanted to cry.

His mind is working at an incredibly fast pace and the thoughts that are coming out are crazy!
Like always, he misses nothing! and it seems to be even worse now.

Here was supper the other night...

Callum: going on and on and on and on (some might even say whine) for a little over a minutes about how he just wants to come home from work, sit down, talk, eat, not have to negotiate with Geordie...blah, blah, blah, blah...

Geordie: staring straight ahead and not look at anyone, "I guess everyone needs to go to bed early tonight because some people are cranky!"

Geordie actually jumped up to the bars by himself...I just missed it! :(

Luckily he still loves hugs and kisses!!!!

As for me, I have switched doctors and this office is great! Really enjoy them and they are doing tests and trying to figure things out rather than just tell me what might be happening.

So far things are good. Waiting to hear back from some blood tests but I did have a HSG and everything was normal.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The World...according to Geordie!

This conversation happens many times in our house...

Geordie: "Okay, I'm full! What's for dessert?"

Me/Callum: "How can you eat dessert when you're full?"

... usually we get a 'just cause' kind of thing. Well this weekend, everything changed!

Geordie has become incredibly interested in anatomy (get your minds out of the gutters!). He has a book that tells about the different systems in the body as well as how the body works. So, the other day when we had our regular 'I'm full, can I have dessert' question he finally had an answer...

Geordie: "My tummy is full but I have a tube, it's a green tube called INTESTININE-3-6-7. It's in my back, that's where all the treats go. The food goes in my tummy. That's why I can eat more."

above right; a quick sketch done by Geordie of
the intestinine-3-6-7

Since Geordie turned 5 a couple of weeks a go let's just say it's been a little 'hard'. He has found himself in time out way too many times. Finally this weekend;

Me: "Geordie, why have you been having such a hard time listening lately?"

Geordie: "Well, the other day you put something un-fam-liar in my lunch and I ate it. It tells my brain not to listen."

So, here's the question... are we in trouble?!?!?!?