Monday, June 8, 2009

Creative Conversations...

Although Geordie is going through a huge, "I don't like girls" phase he has a few that seem to be void of this rule.

There are his 10 year old twins across the street, and of course N.J. , then there is Tara!

Tara is my brothers girlfriend and Geordie is more than smitten...still...and he has not seen her since Christmas!!

A couple of weeks a go when we were in Wilmington. We were sitting around Callum's parents table having lunch discussing something or other that had absolutely nothing to do with anything Tara!;

Grandpa: "...the little blonde one?"

Geordie: (who was not even involved in this conversation) "who? what? Do you mean Tara?!?"

Grannie: "Who is Tara?"

Me: "Greg's girlfriend."

Geordie: "Who's Greg?!?"

Yes, my friends...complete denial!

A couple of weeks a go Callum and I were discussing a 'project' that Geordie needed to do for his graduation;

Me: "Oh, it says that he can draw us, we don't need to get a picture, we'll just get him to draw one."

Callum: "He can draw us?!?!?!"

Me: "Yes! That's what it says."

Callum: "Okay?!?! But I'm telling you is NOT going to look like us!!"

Callum called home, Geordie answered;

Callum: "Did you call?"

Geordie: "No."

Callum: "Did Mummy call?"

Geordie: "No"

Callum: "Are you sure?"

* this from the guy who you have to ask 'did the phone ring while I was gone? did you answer it?' too!

Geordie: "Daddy, I know that Mummy did not call you!"

Callum: "Is Mummy sitting right beside you?"

Geordie: "No, she's in the shower, that's how I know she didn't call you. Can you call back later please?"

Callum: "Yes" ...feeling a little silly.



xup said...

You probably completely crushed his little heart by mentioning Greg!!

chelle said...

He is such a sweetie!!! lol on the shower convo!

Chantal said...

don't kids say the cutest things.

new diva said...

Too funny!
btw, the "I hate girls" phase goes by WAY too fast. Seems like yesterday that was my son's mantra, now he is 11 and back to thinking he just might like them. I'm not sure I'm ready!