Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lunchable...

For the past couple of weeks Geordie has been asking for Lunchables for his lunch at school. Of course, I have been trying to get around it. I'm not too into the easy-peasy kind of meals. I prefer to know all the ingredients that go in to our food. Yes, sometimes I will slide and take the easy way but for the most part we do not eat pre-packaged food.
One day last week I told him that I would make up a lunchable for him. That didn't do the trick, I got;

Geordie: " No Mummy, I need a lunchable, all my friends have them"

I was talking to another friend about it and she said that her daughter also wanted one so she bought one and her daughter thought that it was the grossest thing EVER!!
So that's what I did. Although, I was afraid that Geordie really would like it!

Yesterday, I picked Geordie up from school and I told him we had to go grocery shopping. I will add that I usually go BY MYSELF without anyone else;

Geordie: "Awesome, I can get a lunchable!! I know where they are, they are at the back by the milk and eggs"

Yes, that is a problem that we have. Geordie has an amazing memory. This is another one of his traits that is going to be great in life that is horrible for the parents, especially when he is at this age. He is also very good with directions.

So, we spent a little over 5 minutes checking out the different lunchables. Since I had never paid attention to them before I couldn't get over the amount of different ones there are. It's crazy!!! Of course, he picked one with a candy and a juice box (of the kind that I won't buy). When we got home he was all excited about his lunch for the next day that he packed it in his lunch bag and put it on the stairs to be ready for school the next morning. Luckily, Callum noticed it and we put it back into the fridge.

Now it is the next day and I was a little late picking Geordie up so Callum went to pick him up and then was to meet me in the parking lot;

Geordie: "My tummy hurts, I'm hungry"

Callum: "Didn't you eat your lunchable? You've been talking about that forever!"

Geordie: "It was 'sgusting"

Callum and I just looked at each other.

When we got home I made a snack of crackers, ham and cheese (the exact same thing that was in his lunchable) and he loved it!!!

Yup, that's 1 for Mummy...none for Geordie!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How a redneck takes a walk...

Like everyone else, I receive those emails with all the pictures of various rednecks doing stupid things...or just living. They used to be funny...then you live amongst them and it totally kills the humour!
Today we saw something that was a little out of the ordinary. Lately, because it is 'nice' many people have been out walking. Tonight there were 3 ladies out walking with their strollers and it looked to be a husband 'walking' with them as well. The ladies were 'bootin' it along, while he drove his ATV.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time out!!

When it comes to discipline we use 'time outs'. After saying something for the second time to Geordie we then start the counting (just like any good reality Nanny program). Lately though, this is what has been happening...

me; "that's one...that's two"

Geordie; "that's three!!! You're in time out Mummy!"

picture: Geordie 06/04

Monday, April 21, 2008

Callum is hilarious...

Tonight, just after supper, I was cleaning up the dishes and Callum & Geordie were painting together and talking. This is what Callum had to say;

"I am in charge of all you see here"


So, we've been here since the end, end of January and we still have not finished unpacking. With my school, Callum's work, traveling we just didn't bother. So, last week I finished my exams and we had a weekend in between two 'Savannah weekends', so we finally got to the laundry room, where a couple of 'whatever' boxes were living.

Geordie is watching this and says, "why are you doing this? is someone coming over?"

picture; Geordie, 6 months, Bayswater, NS

Friday, April 18, 2008

Traction Control...again!

So the day after the 3 stitches fiasco I picked Geordie up from school and he again had his "traction control" on.

Me: "Geordie, why are these on your sneakers?"

Geordie: "So, that I can climb up the slide... if I had this on at morning [meaning yesterday] I wouldn't have fallen and bumped my head"

3 Stitches!

Geordie had his first trip to the emergency room yesterday. Am I surprised that this was his first at age 4...a little! Am I surprised that it was for just a regular old trip up the stairs and not for some kind of dare devil antic...DEFINITELY!!!!
As the story goes, Geordie had a fall at the school playground on Wednesday. He was climbing up the ladder and his foot missed a step. The school called me but I was writing an exam, so they Callum. He quickly went to the school picked Geordie up and went to the ER. In Callum's words,
"It was quite a deep cut [his skull was visible] so he had to get stitches".
All this was going on and I had no idea. When I finally finished my exam and was driving back I called Callum, who I thought would be at the skate park with Geordie as the plan was for Callum to get off a little early from work to pick him up. So Callum gives me the don't worry but we're at the hospital type speech. Which I felt was not needed as I was okay, maybe because I had myself set up for it...like how I totally have myself set up for thinking that one night when Geordie is like, say, 13 he's going to come home drunk! Although, hopefully not by coolers...GREG!
Anyway, finally got to the hospital and when I arrived, BOTH Geordie and Callum were sitting there eating a Popsicle, everything done, and then I saw the amount of blood on Geordie's shirt...
Supposedly he was really great about the entire process, not once did he shed a tear. The teacher's at his school couldn't get over that when it did happen he cried for about 30 seconds and then that was it. So now Geordie is walking around like this...

For some reason Geordie thinks that this is a nice picture face! It doesn't even look like him!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just love...

being outside watching Geordie ride his bike while listening to gunshots off in the not-so-distance!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself...

Yesterday we were driving to Savannah, GA. For the trip we stopped off at the gas station before starting off a red car did a 'stupid move according to Callum' and this is how the conversation started...

Callum: "Jackass!"

Geordie: "What's Jacks ass?"

We said nothing... half an hour later another red car cut in front of us on the I95 and the conversation started up again...

Callum: "Jackass!"

Geordie's: "Where's Jacks ask? That red car"

Callum: "yes, the red car"

Geordie: "yes, Daddy, all red cars are Jack asks"

for the next five minutes...

Geordie: "there's a Jack ask...look at that jack ask...there's another jack ask...what are the people in white cars called?...look there's a truck with a Jack ask..."

Three hours later we are in Savannah in Chick-fil-A for supper. Geordie is playing with another child and when we are saying goodbye we find out the child's name...you guessed it...Jack!!! Couldn't believe it!!!! Jack left a couple of minutes ahead of us so by the time we were walking out of the restaurant Jack was across the parking lot, Geordie saw him and yelled out, "Bye Jack Ask!!"

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Russell!!!

Today is Russell's 29th birthday. Geordie's been excited for a while now. Unfortunately yesterday he finally realized that he won't be spending Russell's birthday with him. Okay, really he finally realized that he wouldn't be getting any of Russell's cake but the other way sounds so much nicer! ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cult or Classic?!?!?!?

This is Geordie's second year in nursery school. He really enjoys it, therefore, we enjoy it!!! Down here things are a little different than in Canada. It seems that childcare does not seem to be all that important here. Anyone can have a daycare and anyone can work with children, all you need is a police check (that comes out good!). As much as experience is an asset, education is something that should not be overlooked and I find that it is when teaching younger children here.
So...we go with the flow and the flow down here has nursery school programs at churches. Last year Geordie went to a Baptist program this year it's a Christian program, we joke that we are doing the rounds. As well, that anything that they do to him at this age, we can undue!!
Just before Easter, Geordie's school had a 'little presentation', well this was (part of) it...

That, "oh, goodness" was me. I found it a little, well, weird. First of all Christian rock...never heard of it till we moved down here (and did you know that there is Christian RAP also?!?!?!?). Thing is really you could take any song and instead of using him or her you could use God, think The Beatles could have sang, "I love God, yeah, yeah, yeah" (also see Sister Act movie). But for some reason because it is under the heading Christian rock it feels weird!!!
Watching this performance (and this was only the beginning), there were two or three more songs and a verse from the bible where all the children first named the verse (you know John 23:1 type of thing) I started to understand how easy it is to form a cult. The whole thing just seemed very cult-like, or at least the beginnings of one.
Question is...why did I think that?!?!? If they had sang something that I would refer to as a 'normal' children's song and said some nursery rhymes all together I would have thought nothing of it. I know, it's because its not what I'm used too but still. It wasn't necessarily that I was frightened for my life, more just thinking, there is no way that my child can stay much longer.
I would say that I was raised 'in the church' (in other words, I went) but I do realize it's definitely different than being raised 'in the church' down here. Back home, my parents were very involved in the church when I was growing up from choir to running the youth group; at least that puts me up a couple of pegs down here to some when I tell them that (usually those who say, "they're not Christian so they don't have good morals", and that's word for word!). Thing I don't tell is how my father always picked the same song every year at camp to sing at the service, 'Let Heaven Rejoice' on page 666 and that the statue of Mary used to disappear.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guess who?!?!?!?

April Fool...

Oh yes, the good 'ol April fools joke. First of all, who started this and why can you only do it till noon?!?!?!
I can't say I was ever big on it but I do remember my brother Russell terrorizing our mother. He did the regular norms like switching the sugar and the salt but one time he 'got her reel good'!!
One April first morning Russell taped down the sprayer thingie. When Mom came down and turned on the water it went all over her. Truthfully it was quite funny to watch her freak out and try and reach for the faucet to turn it off...then try and get mad at Russell ;)