Monday, June 15, 2009

Unclear & 'Misread-able'

So I received a comment the other day by anonymous. I did not take it as 'trolly', but I do feel that it is one for discussion.

In my post last week; 'Thoughts on Geordie'.

I wrote how I had told him, 'We are a lot different than most of the people here, we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us.'

I realize now that it was unclear and could be misread. I have also discussed this with Geordie.

My new friend Newt from the Tyler, Texas area pointed this out to me by commenting;
Anonymous said...

"we think and believe in different things and we want to be with other people who are more like us"

Are the "people who are more like us" those who are into diversity and who appreciate other people with different lifestyles, outlooks, etc.?


So, to answer your question Newt, and to expand on something I should have in the first place;

Yes, 'the people who are more like us' ARE into diversity and appreciate other people with different lifestyles, outlooks, etc... That is why we want to be surrounded by them.

Being here for almost 6 years we have taken in the culture, we now say grill instead of BBQ. We do not regret the move here as it has taught us a lot. Unfortunately, though, where we live there is not much diversity, different lifestyles and/or outlooks. There is also not a lot of appreciation of other cultures. As always, I will point out that this is not everyone. We have surrounded ourselves with some great people, who do think differently than us and yet, we still love them! ;)

So, I probably should have said something like '...we want to be surrounded by diversity and appreciation of many cultures...'

Does that sound right?!?
Have you ever been unclear and/or misread?



Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh good grief, yes, I've been misread.

I will try to be clear now: I think Newt was being trolly.

I think you were very clear in the first place. You said that you wanted to be surrounded by other people who are like you and that you "think and believe different things." That's appreciation of diversity. Very clear.


Elena said...

I have to go and google 'trolly' as I am in the dark on that one.

chelle said...

pssha until someone has lived in another country for six years they cannot begin to comprehend what you feel.

We lived in the US for 3 years and I totally get you. I have Life Long Friends that are AMAZING from our time there, but I would not want to live there forever.

Canadian diversity, acceptance, TOLERANCE and the like are so so so so different than that in the US ...

much more than a mom said...

Trolly all the way. Or just jealous that you're Canadian? ;-)

I'm misunderstood every freaking day of my life. Mostly because I have no internal filter.

kj said...

Yeah, I'm feeling you on that one. Caroll County is 40 minutes and 40 years from downtown Atlanta. That was one of my big shocks coming from another part of the states and crash landing there.

The places in the states that are more likely to celebrate tolerance and diversity are places with higher rates of transience. People moving in and out a lot naturally keep things fresh. Places where "the good ol' boy network" is alive and well and the new people in town have been there 40 years... They tend to be a little culturally stagnant.

I hope you guys are able to move to Canada sometime soon so we have an excuse to come visit you up there!

Mandy said...

Yes, I have been misread. It sounds like he was trying to make himself look smart by picking up on an apparent inconsistency. However, anyone who's read you knows what you meant by that.

Anonymous said...

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