Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 or 13?!?!?!?!

The other day Geordie and I were at a store. This was our conversation...

me, "Geordie, you choose, do you want to sit in the seat of 'the buggy' or the main part of it?"

Geordie, "I want to walk."

me, "I'm sorry, you can walk later right now your choices are seat or the main part of 'the buggy'.

Geordie, "uuuhhhh...whatever!"

Yes, I got my first attitude 'whatever'. Where did this come from?!?! Not from my sweet little boy, who I know can be more on the side of badass at times!! Still!!! He's only three!!!! I know they say that children are growing up faster these days but...three?!?!?! saying whatever?!?!?!? This was a day after the three of us went out to lunch and he ended up sitting at a different table from us. I'm already getting the 'when can I drive' question. It comes right after the, "Mummy, when can I take my training wheels off my bike" question.

picture; 08/2004

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad words?!?!?

One of Geordie's first words was the "s-word". No joke!! I would say it went something like please, mummy, daddy, yes, no, hi, s-word. Actually come to think of it the "f-word" was probably in his first 50!!! Thing is he used it in the correct context. One day he knocked over a cup of milk and said, "S*@T".
I remember my mother saying, even before Geordie was born, that the f-word would be one of his first words. Callum didn't believe her. As funny, and actually cute, as it is to hear a baby swear you don't really want it to happen. Callum quickly went into baby-mode and stopped swearing at home. For those of you who know Callum, I know that this is unbelievable but it's true. Even now, I am so used to not hearing him swear anymore that when he does it freaks me out a little.
Geordie stopped swearing about a week before he first started school... at the First Baptist Church Pre-school. Could you imagine what they would have done?!?!?!
So, now the problem is me!! Most of you know that I'm not one to swear. I was always afraid of getting caught and then by the time I was 'allowed' to, I thought I sounded stupid. Even now, I will spell words out and ruin stories by saying the f-word, or s-word (ask Lynn, she rolls her eyes every time). My problem is hell and damn!! So, of course, that's now Geordie's problem, well, actually ours!!!
The other day I was talking with some people about Geordie 'hanging out' at the skate park (as in skate board). Someone commented about the language that the teenagers would use around him, and being worried about that. Swearing isn't really done down here. At Callum's work the employees can easily pick out the Canadians, they are the people who swear. There are some things that I try and keep Geordie away from, language, well, I can't say it's at the top of my list.
Guns, violence, now there are some things that I would prefer for my child not to witness. Which leads me to the one thing that really bothers me, why are the 'swear words' censored out of a movie that is on in the middle of the afternoon (for example, on TBS, 'heck' is heard while you see the lips say 'hell') yet, they will show someone being blown up or a person shooting another and think that this is acceptable?!?!?! I would much prefer my child to hear the f-word then see something violent, even on television. So, am I backwards?!?!?! I mentioned this to the ladies I was talking too...they looked at me like I was blue. I took it that they thought I was backwards.
Thing is...I know Geordie's going to swear. It's a given!! Actually, its possibly it's in his genes. Swearing is fine!! Now if he picked up a gun...I would have a problem!!!

Geordie on the first day of school 09/07

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's all about the plastic... in surgery, not credit!!! When we were moving down here my m-i-l (that's Mother-in-law who lives in North Carolina) had just been invited to a Botox Party (think Tupperware only with Botox) so I knew that things were a little different down here. But I didn't think that it would be that different on this subject!!!!
The amount of boob jobs that are walking around down here is insane!!! I'm not talking about reductions for health reasons (to which I know of two people back home who have had that, again...for health reasons) I'm talking about up (at least) two sizes kind of jobs, perky kind of jobs, 16 year old boobs kind of jobs!!!
It seemed like Callum came home and told me about someone having something done at least twice a week for the first two or three months that we were down here. Mainly boobs, also some tummy things. It all just seemed to be done so easily, almost like getting your haircut. You decide on the style and then in the chair you go!!!
To change the subject just a little... I'm a radio listener. I always was but since my brother, Russell, became an 'on air personality' I feel like I need to support radio. I love listening to this show in the morning. They're great and could actually be Canadian...there's even a lesbian in the crew!!!! If you ever have a second, check them out in the morning. Hilarious!!!!
Anyway, the thing that got my attention was a new contest, 'pick ur plastic'. Yes, my friends you can win that plastic surgery you have always wanted. Is this weird, or am I just showing my age?!?!?!

above; Uncle Russell with Geordie

Monday, November 26, 2007

...put it on my wist, pwease!

Back when things were much easier...

Geordie is now at the age where he wants everything so instead of dealing with the complaining and whining about wanting something we put it on the list.
About a month a go when Geordie really started to get into the 'I want that' phase that will probably last the rest of his life I explained to him that Daddy and I will make him a list and any time he sees anything he wants he just needs to ask us to put it on his list. When it's a 'present time' we will go to 'the list' and pick from that.
Now, really, I'm not totally sure that Geordie understands the whole process and if he thinks that he's going to get everything that he has put on his list he is greatly mistaken. He does know that he gets presents for Christmas and his birthday and those presents will come from his list.
We are told on average about 20 things a day that he wants on his list and sometimes he remembers what things he has on his list. For example a commercial could come on and he'll say, "oh that's on my wist". Only problem, and really I don't see it as being that much of one, is that we have yet to start writing down the list!!! There's plenty of time though and there are always going to be things that Geordie wants.
The real test was one day in a toy store. I watched three mothers dealing with their children screaming about what they wanted and that they couldn't leave the store without it. Meanwhile Geordie and I were quietly walking through the store with him holding my hand, pointing at things and saying, "mummy, can you put that on my wist?". Yes, the question over and over and over can get annoying but really...which would you prefer?!?!

above; Geordie 11/04


This is the new marketing campaign at the local Chevrolet dealership. Interesting isn't it?!?!? Well, this isn't it!!! When you buy a car your name goes in for a draw to win a Beretta gun thingie.


Today I decided to check out the after-after Thanksgiving day sales. There were some great sales. I was actually looking for a fleece for Geordie for those cold mornings but there were a couple things that I had to grab. I have a rule no more than $4 for a shirt and $6 for a pair of pants. So, I got one pair of pants and two shirts...and I was being very 'choosey'.
So, I'm minding my own business walking along and I notice that people are standing around and looking in one direction. I figure someone fainted or was sick. It was before noon on a Monday most of the people in the mall are over 65 at this time.
As I'm walking down towards where everyone is looking I notice that the stores are starting to close their doors. So I asked a salesperson who was holding a cordless telephone what was going on. She said that there had been gunshots fired and that she was closing her door. So I ran into her store and we closed the door. Hung out there for a little bit then when everyone was starting to open their doors and police were around we ventured out. I went to the next store as my car was parked out that way and since the police/security were not stopping anyone it seemed safe to go. Not so, next thing you know all stores had to close their doors and lock them. No one could leave or enter the mall. One of the suspects was 'missing'. Luckily I was in Borders so being stuck in there for a couple of hours really wasn't that bad. I had books, magazines, music, food, drinks and a bathroom. Here's the story.
Thing is yes, we were okay but we all knew that one of the suspects had still not been found. I grabbed a bunch of books and magazines, as well as a chair and went to a secluded spot away from windows. There were some people attached to the windows including one family with a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old. I'm usually not a WCS (worst case scenario) thinker but in this situation I was!!!! Maybe I've just been hanging around Callum too long!
When we finally did get out of the store we had to line up so that they could go through our stuff (if they felt the need) and check our I.D. After finally getting out of the mall we then had a long wait to get out of the parking lot as they were also checking cars if they felt the need.
I guess this is the 3rd situation with guns in the last month at the mall.
hhhhhmmmm..... any thoughts?!?!?!?!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

...the thought that counts

This morning Geordie and I were planning on going to the skate park where he skates with all his 'dudes'. No joke...they call him 'little dude'. Anyway, I told him I had to first get a shower and then breakfast. He asked if I was going to have eggs and I said maybe.
When I got out of the shower he informed me that my eggs were almost ready. I will point out that up to this point of the day I had not yet been to the kitchen and Callum was not home. I went downstairs and found four egg shells in the sink, Geordie had 'mixed them up' in one of his little bowls that only has room for one egg and then poured them into a pot. There was a little bit of egg mixture on the floor (that I actually couldn't see due to all the toilet paper that was on top of it) and on his stool, but other than that he did a good job. After the whole safety/cooking conversation it was off to the skate park...
I started taking a painting class about a month a go. Watercolour portraits (sorry being where I am it's actually watercolor). This is to be my first 'assignment'. Wish me luck!!!!

The performer...

Friday Callum and I watched Geordie in his first performance. His 'school' put on a Thanksgiving production. The Early Childhood Music Educator in me thought it was horrible. I never let any of my students under the age of 6 perform in front of people. I think that's one of the worst things you could ever do to any child. Meanwhile the parent in me loved it!!!!

Geordie was so cute!!! We had our worries of course...that he would see us and come running to us but he was absolutely fine! I would go so far as to say GREAT!!!! He was actually one of the few three year olds that not only sang but did the dance as well. Once in awhile we got a wave and he kept looking at me while he performed. It looked like he really enjoyed himself being the centre of attention!! I have no idea where that comes from - this is when a sarcasm key is needed on these damn things!!!!
As one friend said, "Geordie took to the stage like hockey to ice!"

I guess each child received an 'Indian name'. What's Geordie's you ask?!?!?! 'The Big Snake' of course!!! As Callum says, "he IS Scottish...there is a reason why we wear kilts!".

Geordie is the one in the blue shirt, possibly also the only one participating in these pictures. If you notice in the picture by himself he looks like he is either in pain, or the devil. This is actually his *smile* when you say 'smile' and take a picture, as for his was horrible lighting there!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To begin...

I've been watching (more so reading) everyone else's blogs. Tonight I decided, I have a few minutes lets finally get one started. Which, truthfully, I'm surprised I haven't started one of these before!! I am the perpetual starter. I get an idea in my head and I do it right away. Finishing...well, that's a different story. Even this, I went to 'start' my own brand new blog tonight only to find out that I had started one about a month ago...and never finished it!!! Second...I get to 'talk' without any interruptions. Now really, how have I not started one of these?!?!?!?
Getting back to the starter thing; a couple of months a go Callum (the husband) and I were going through our books. On one shelf we found books on how to (1) do calligraphy (2) make lanterns out of paper (3) make candles (4) crochet (5) run...believe me I could go on. I decide I want to do something and I rush out and figure out where/when/how. Sometimes I get a book about it, sometimes I look it all up on the internet, once in a while I actually do it. Well, at least start it!!!
I do come by this honestly!! Ask my mother...she lived with a hole in the ceiling of the living room and half a mantle for way too many years to count!!!
I see that most people have a reason to these things...I don't think I do! Or if I do, believe me, it will change. So it will forever be known as My Bloggie Thingie! So for's about the trials and tribulations of a Princess stuck in the south with my little family (Callum - husband, Geordie - 3 year old son) trying to get back to the mother land (Canada) while finishing her second undergrad (BBA) through distance education! Actually it's just another place to show pictures and brag about how smart Geordie is... speaking of which, how do you add those pictures!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Good noise or bad noise?!?!?

Lastnight we were sitting around the table...

I was talking...

Geordie, "Mummy, please stop talking"

me, "why?"

Geordie, "I don't like that noise!"