Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bubbles, Glasses and Racing...

Geordie and Callum have been busy. Last weekend they went to Alabama and watched the Indy practice or something or other. They went with Uncle Vijay and had a great time!!! Although Geordie did admit that he likes Grandpa's races better!

This past weekend it was a rainy one. All indoor activities!! Here is their new addiction!!
(please ignore mess in back, this is our one room that we have not organized! we just recently started using it and this is what it is used for!)

As for me, what have I been up to on the weekends...

Hello, my name is Helen and I am addicted to House Hunters International!!


I have been watching television less and less. Just not interested... then this show comes along!!

I blame my in-laws!!! When they were here they tied me down and made me watch it!! They also poured wine down my throat!!! YES!!! They are like that!!! ;)

So, it is now on my favourites list and I get to watch it on the weekend. Saturday morning I was all set for the 6th district in Paris; by Saturday night I was buying a cave house in Southern Spain. Sunday morning I changed my mind and had my heart set on a house on the Mediterranean in Italy. By that evening I was back to Paris...

We've discussed my bubble before and how it's a great place where everything goes my way! You think it's a joke, don't you!?!? Unfortunately It's not. There are a lot of times I really do live in this bubble and therefore think that I can do anything. For example, I think that we could go and live in one of these places...no matter the cost.
Where the money comes from?!? No idea! I don't think about things like that! That's just silly!!

I also think that if I played the lotto I would have a good chance of winning.

I blame my father for this. As my mother says, "Your father's glass half full is ALWAYS full!"

Now, before you start feeling bad for Callum and what he has to put up with...I do have my head on straight for some things!! Fortunately, they are usually the things that Callum lives in a bubble about.

Example, last year when Callum had to go to Germany for work. A couple of days before going he comes home freaked out about how we have to buy a new suitcase. To begin we have plenty of luggage and it's all in perfectly good condition! BUT...our bags were either too small or too big for what Callum wanted to bring. Therefore, in Callum's mind, we had to quickly run out and buy a $100 medium size piece of luggage for him to take this one trip to Germany!!
Needless to say, we did not buy a new suitcase!

I think everyone has a little bit of a bubble. I'm not talking about 'what if'...I'm talking about really thinking that you can do something!!!

What's in your bubble?



Chantal said...

be a stay at home mom. Daily I search for ways to do it. I just can't give up the dream.

much more than a mom said...

I'm with Chantal!

chelle said...

my bubble is that we can get anything we want, sure we may have to wait a little but we can get it :)

My bubble is a bubble 'cause I am living Chantal's and MMTaM's bubble ... hehe

Elena said...

The exact same IKEA chair in which Callum is sitting is really in my bubble - no kidding, same colour and everything. Unfortunately, the footstool isn't in my bubble and our cushion is kind of crooked. One more thing: living near my parents; that's my bubble.

Alaina Gray said...

LOVE the shot of Callum and Geordie relaxing at the race track. LOVE IT!