Monday, September 21, 2009

Counting Down!

11 more sleeps and we're gone!

Lots to do, trying not to get sidetracked. As well as packing and dealing with all the paperwork also trying to get resume up and at'em as well as looking for work. So, trying to stay away from my cute little computer...kind of...

Geordie's doing well. He goes back and forth between wanting to go and not wanting to go. Most of the time he is more for the 'wanting to go' side but once in awhile he gets a little teary-eyed at the thought of leaving his friends.

One afternoon within half an hour he called for his gurls 4 times. They were doing homework. Finally on the fourth time when they said that they couldn't come out he said, 'Fine then! I'm moving to Canada tomorrow and you will never see me again because I will be there until I die!!"

Drama Queen anyone?!?!?

Speaking of which. This was Callum just seconds a go when Geordie had a small toy up to his lips;

Callum: "Get that out of your mouth!! You don't put small things in your mouth. You could swallow it and choke then we will have to take you to the hospital and spend at least $500! Wait until we are back in Canada!"

Off to be somewhat useful!!! Be around soon!!


chelle said...

hehe wait till you get to Canada to choke! hehehe

Good luck with everything! SO excited for you and your family!

Chantal said...

LOL to cute. I can't get over how fast this is going. Enjoy your trip home!