Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Geordie's BFF...Goodbye Legge Blonde!!!

Geordie & Nora Jane, 06/08

A while back I wrote of my Southern BFF moving away. Well, I'm actually not the only one...

Nora Jane has been with Geordie since he was "IN MA BELLY". She is 4 months older than him and was his first friend. We actually arrived to live in Georgia the day Nora Jane was born.

Last night we told Geordie that his BFF will be moving away in 7 more sleeps!

Just before we were about to sit down to eat I mentioned to Callum that we need to tell Geordie. Accentuate the positives and all that stuff... we get to go visit, etc...

We sit down...

Me: "Geordie, next week Nora Jane is going to be moving away with her family"

Geordie: "Why?!?! Where?!?!" *eyes swelling up with tears and chin starting to tremble*

Callum: "Mr. Kevin is going back to school and they are going to be moving to Washington."

That was it for me. I had to leave the table for some 'alone time'.

A couple of minutes later Geordie came looking for me.

Geordie: "It's okay Mummy, we will go and visit. I'm sad too, but it's okay to be sad"

We talked a bit more about it all.

How did I end up being the one consoled?!?!?

We started to go back to the table...

Geordie: "Nora Jane, Vivi & Noble won't be living in their house anymore. Maybe Caleb can move there. Or Carson, or Ethan, or Cole & Tristan..."

NJ's First Birthday 10/04







Geordie's Second Birthday (02/06)

NJ's Third Birthday (10/06)

Fall/06 First time outside 'alone'







Halloween/07 (with Vivi)

Christmas Parade/07 (with Jayley)

When they both learned how to drive a two-wheeler

Geordie Fourth Birthday 02/08

Geordie's 'family'!!
Geordie, Nora Jane, Viviana & Noble

They other night NJ and Geordie performed for us. Helping out is DJ NO-NO!!!!



chelle said...

awwwww HUGS!!!!!!!!!!
I completely and utterly sucks to leave friends (or be left) I am so sorry!

Stella said...

Oh I'm so sorry!! This post made me cry!

What a beautiful friendship and gorgeous pictures.

Much More Than A Mom said...

How sad. Those are fantastic pictures and great memories! I'm glad you plan to visit them.

The Laundress said...

Oh man,

I totally know this post too well.

My BFF (and my daughter's) moved away the beginning of this year.

I've been depressed since.

My BFF (since 4th grade) had a daughter 4 months after Fa was born and we've been together forever.

I'm so sorry.