Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Alive...barely!

Took a little break! First due to exams, then due to catching up on everything I neglected while studying. On top of that we've been having huge problems with our computer/connection. Thank goodness we have our little friend!

One thing I have come to realize is that not only are we a 2 computer family, but, we are a family that NEEDS a computer. It is no longer a WANT. Can you believe that?!?!? Actually, I bet that most of you are as well. What would happen if your one computer broke down? How long could you go without it?

So, now, not including Callum's work computer we now have as many computers as we do televisions. Funny thing is we use both computers more than we do the television.

We have also been busy with Easter parties, Spring Break (yes, Spring Break for 5 year olds) and a trip to Wilmington. All were great times! Here are some pics of Geordie's school Easter party;

Here's the two 4 year old classes
(please notice the 4 gentlemen on the bottom right)

Here is what I like to call 'Geordie and his big brother, Bubba'!

Remember the Three wise monkeys proverb?!?
Geordie with his good friends;

Finally, on the hunt!
Sorry for the blurriness but I think it's a cute pic!

Through all this we had to deal with a more so than usual bratty phase. Would you believe that he started to yell at us?!?! I know!! I was dumb founded!! By the 3rd time he was in time out and after the 5th time (when he did it at a friends house where I had the back up of another mother who had been having the same problem at the same time...I know, we said hhhhmmm?!? as well) that was the last. Since then, things have been good!

As for me, really, still here. Some days I'm ready to pack the car and leave. More houses in our subdivision have gone up for sale, more houses are foreclosed. They keep saying it's going to get worse before it gets better. I think, it's possible that for once the media has NOT blown something out of proportion. Here's hoping our luck changes soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Work to Live, Live to Work!??!

A friend sent this to me recently. In her words, "Brilliant!"
It was made by a 20 year old and won second place at the 

U @ 50

Monday, April 6, 2009

This week I received the Best Mummy Award...

Seriously!!! Of course I gave it to myself; but still...!!!!

Geordie has once again been hounding us for lunchables, even though he does not like them! We have found it's because of the candy! You get a piece of candy in each lunchable. Therefore, he wants it!! We have had other experiences with Geordie and his pallet, see here, and here.

So, I've had to bring my 'A' game up!! Be a little more creative!! Actually I just checked out the lunchable aisle and got some ideas. So without further adieu...

Yes, those are mini hamburgers that I grilled. Ignore the white spots...I put oatmeal in my hamburgers, among other things. I cut up a dinner roll as well as some cheese and he put them together at school. The day before this he had a taco lunchable (which is actually a Hel-riginal).

This was a huge success and I will be more than willing to do it again!! Geordie didn't even comment that it was lacking a candy!!

Meanwhile I've been busy trying to figure out how to bake on the Grill (BBQ for you whitey's up north!). I have finally found success...

Using the instructions from here minus the box cake and can of icing. I am a bit of a snob and prefer to make from scratch. So I used my grandmother's chocolate cake recipe and my Aunt's icing recipe...

To begin you mix up the cake with icing;

You then roll it into balls and then shape them to your liking. As I was trying to make eggs this is what the result was;

Let them set in the fridge then put them on sticks with just a little bit of chocolate on the end of the stick to 'glue' it in. Again, let set in fridge (freezer if you're in a rush). Once set dip 'em in chocolate;

To the fridge they go to set once again;

Here's the final (for some reason blogger keeps making this picture vertical);

Really, they look pretty good and they are as easy as pie...or would that be cake?!?!

Do you know that during high school I worked at a movie theatre and I used to be able to get off early if I promised not to tell a joke for a week.