Monday, July 20, 2009

Please summer just end...

While everyone back home is just beginning their summer (or quarter of the way into it) I have had it with summer. March/April here is like June back home; May is like July/August. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing!

School gets out here at the end of May, for the first two weeks the children on our street are outside all day long playing. It's great! and takes me back to my childhood (*sniff*) when we would go out for the whole day and play. Well, as I said, that happens for approximately two weeks, then it's too hot for them to go out. Some are then in all day camps and others stay in their house ALL DAY LONG!

This week is our first week without any classes or lessons. At this point I am so tired of summer I am ready to just stay in the house all day and do nothing. Luckily the last couple of days have had a nice breeze (usually there is no breeze what-so-ever at all!). But the 2 weeks before that it was hot and humid and I was just tired of it! I found that I didn't want to do anything, especially make supper at the end of the day. We had one week where we ate out three times!!! For us, that's huge!!!! We might eat out once or twice a month.

So for me, I am done with summer. Although give me the chance and I would love to enjoy some of the summer back home... with the breeze and wearing shorts with long sleeve shirts/jackets (a popular fashion of the eas' coast). All I know is that when the time comes and we are finally back in Canada...I will never complain about the cold again!!


We have to find a lot of indoor's one!

Geordie loves the Chipmunks although he calls them Simon and the Chipmunks. His reasoning; "Simon is the smartest, and my favourite so he should be in charge!"


Chantal said...

I can't even imagine being that hot right now. It is so cold here in our neck of the Canadian woods. So far this is shaping up to be a non summer. :(

Elena said...

The southern summer is really the canadian winter turned upside down. Both types of weather keep the kids indoors and a mother pulling out her hair. Is there any place where it is spring or fall all year round? (according to word verification i should move to tralkib...)

chelle said...

ok for real we are just starting summer and I NEED IT!