Monday, September 21, 2009

Counting Down!

11 more sleeps and we're gone!

Lots to do, trying not to get sidetracked. As well as packing and dealing with all the paperwork also trying to get resume up and at'em as well as looking for work. So, trying to stay away from my cute little computer...kind of...

Geordie's doing well. He goes back and forth between wanting to go and not wanting to go. Most of the time he is more for the 'wanting to go' side but once in awhile he gets a little teary-eyed at the thought of leaving his friends.

One afternoon within half an hour he called for his gurls 4 times. They were doing homework. Finally on the fourth time when they said that they couldn't come out he said, 'Fine then! I'm moving to Canada tomorrow and you will never see me again because I will be there until I die!!"

Drama Queen anyone?!?!?

Speaking of which. This was Callum just seconds a go when Geordie had a small toy up to his lips;

Callum: "Get that out of your mouth!! You don't put small things in your mouth. You could swallow it and choke then we will have to take you to the hospital and spend at least $500! Wait until we are back in Canada!"

Off to be somewhat useful!!! Be around soon!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Bees!! ...well, people!

We have been crazy busy!

Trying to get everything together for the move.

This is not a complaint...AT ALL!!!

I am merely stating a fact!!!! :)

All summer Geordie has been talking about 'running a race' so we found a children's race for him. He did it this weekend. The US 10K Classic;

It was 0.5K (0.31 miles). There were 5 races for children and they were broken up by age, Geordie's race was for 5 & 6 year olds. Parents were allowed to run with the children, so Callum did. To be honest, I was more afraid for Callum running it than Geordie.

Look under the ( d's ) you will find Callum & Geordie

When the race started Callum was running behind Geordie but Geordie kept turning around to see where he was. So Callum quickly changed his strategy and moved in front of him;

Look at that form... and that hair...

Both 'boys' ran the whole race. I had told them both it's perfectly fine if you need to stop and walk. They had paced themselves well and did a lot of passing down the 'backstretch'. By the time Geordie thought about walking he could see the finish line.

If you ask Geordie he thinks that he came in second. The first 10 girls and first 10 boys receive a medal.

We just know that he was in the top 10 for boys and his time was somewhere around 3 minutes and 23 seconds;

...take note of the 'cheese smile'

The proud parents and the tired of pictures Geordie!

**update; Callum slept well that night! ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet Home Nova Scotia...

Well, it's final! We are moving home!

Kinda' crazy! As most of you know we have been here, in the south, for almost 6 years (OCt 24th will be our sixth 'anniversary'). Unfortunately, we have been trying to get out for four and a half of those years.

Since spring, Callum has been actually looking for a job outside the automotive industry, just like everyone else.
We had decided that we would go anywhere from Toronto to Halifax. We were also not going to totally rule out some countries in Europe. During the week I would weed through jobs and send them to him. On the weekend Callum would apply.

Skip to now. We are signed, sealed and about to be delivered!!!!

If Callum was to write down everything that he wants in a job, this would pretty much be it. It's a toaster bonus that it happens to be back home.

Now, it's my turn! Weeding through jobs for me and then applying. Meanwhile, getting everything sorted here. We have had 4 moving estimators come, and a quote from Uhaul.
Uhaul is looking pretty good right now.

...and just when I started liking grits!!!