Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Was I Not Warned?!?!?

Geordie has always been a sweet easy going child.

Sure he has bad ass tendencies, a stubborn streak so long it might get me home, and negotiates till the cows come.

...but he has pretty much been a go with the flow kind of guy!

Don't get me wrong...he still is that way, for the most part, but a couple of months ago once in a while we get this child who looks like our sweet, adorable easy going, non tantrumy Geordie but instead we get a tantrum throwing, talking back, demanding little bugger!

At first we were worried. I had never heard of this 'stage' we thought it was just us! Luckily, mum's talk, and I found out that everyone was having the same problem!! One friend even referred to it as, "the f-ing fives".

We are dealing with this 'phase' using 'time outs', alone time (which we know is the worst thing for Geordie), and taking things away. We have been doing well (yes, I'm patting ourselves on the back). We are following through (99% of the time, okay maybe 92%..but still!!!), and we are not raising our voices.

...but, how much longer will this last?!?!? how much longer will we last?!?!?

Why did I not know about this stage?!?
Did you go through it? Are you going through it?
What did you do?

If you have yet to get to this stage, be warned!!! This makes me want to go back to those 'attitude threes'!!!



Jaclyn said...

Ugh. You give me NO hope! :) Norah's not quite 18 months, and there's already a huge "independant" streak there. I can only imagine it's going to get worse.

My mother will be thrilled to finally see her revenge in action!

Mandy said...

Nope. Not there yet, although glimmers of it with Nate.

We both raise our voices lots. We're definitely not in line for a perfect parent award. ;-)

Michele said...

Yours didn't hit until 5?? Liam isn't even 2 and somehow manages to "sass" us with a one word/sentence vocabulary....."No. Mine. Now" Complete with the throw yourself on the floor tears, but we can still easily bribe him with a toy.....

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I think he's just being a boy. Not that girls don't do this stuff too, but most of them wait until they're teenagers. Anyway, it's hard to say what will help unless you know the whole situation. Acting out like that is usually frustration with something. Maybe he just needs a change in his regular routine? More time with other kids/less time with other kids? More time/less time with you guys? Liek that... Oh and btw -- why is alonge punishment? I love alone time. Not enough kids (and grown-ups)know how to enjoy their own company and I think it's an important life skill to learn early, early. Also it will help kids appreciate when parents want alone time.

Chantal said...

I remember my D going through this when he turned 5. But I am afraid mommy brain has kicked in and I can't remember how long it lasted. If it makes you feel better he is 7 now (almost 8) and I can't remember the last time he was a jerk to me. But my M started up this phase at 4, I am hoping he is over it by 5, and that this is not just a dress rehearsal for the real thing :)

chelle said...

We are one day in five and I am already at a loss. this new found sassy independence is so not fun!