Monday, March 31, 2008

Sick leave!

This weekend I was down and out!!! Literally!!! I caught some kind of stomach virus that was going around and I was unable to get out of bed. It was horrible. I don't remember EVER being that sick before. It started late Friday night and really, I still feel it now, Monday evening.
So, it was Callum and Geordie to fend for themselves this weekend. How did this go you may ask?

Well, when I finally woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon, no one was home. Luckily a little 'elf' put a phone next to my pillow so I called Callum's mobile. Where were they?!?! At the Mexican restaurant!! I went back to sleep.
Later that afternoon when I woke up they were informing me that they were going to an old colleagues (of Callum's) for supper. Callum told me that we had been invited some time during the week but he didn't think that we were going to go. Earlier that day when he realized how sick I was he decided that he and Geordie would go...and then they would be fed!
On to Sunday (which also happened to be Callum's birthday) I finally needed some kind of food so Callum actually made scrambled eggs and toast for me...and Geordie. Although when asking afterwards how it was he told me that when he was cooking them he thought that they smelled like sweaty boots. Don't ask because I have no answer!!
That afternoon, Callum took Geordie to an indoor play place as the weather was horrible and Geordie needed to get out! He called around 6 and told me that Geordie was dying of hunger and that they were going to stop at McDonald's as it was just across the street.

Thing is, Callum gets incredibly aggravated when I want to eat out or order something in once-in-awhile because I don't feel like cooking!!!! All I can say is that I will never feel bad about doing that AGAIN!!!!!

Conversations with Geordie...

The scene; supper time, our kitchen, end of meal, Geordie is playing with his cutlery...

Mummy (that's me!); "Geordie, we're not supposed to play with our utensils."

Geordie (holding up the knife): "these aren't pencils!"

Daddy: "no, U-tensils"

Geordie: "no," (pointing at Callum) "you're tensil " (pointing at me) "and you're tensil" (pointing at himself) "I'm a people".

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Daddy's Birthday!

Sunday is Callum's birthday. Geordie has been talking about it all week. It first started with what kind of party Daddy wants;

Geordie: " I think that Daddy wants a party at Chuck E Cheeses"

Geordie was there twice when he was two! He doesn't remember it at all he has just been seeing the commercials.

Then on to birthday present;

Geordie: " I know what Daddy wants! He wants a monster truck and some hotwheels of his own"

So yesterday Geordie was talking to Callum about his birthday;

Geordie: " you wanna go to Chuck E Cheeses?"

Callum: "no, not really."

Geordie: "oh, I know, you really want to go to Jumpin' Joey's!!!"

Callum gave up! Isn't it just like a guy to think that you want what they want!!!!!

picture; back when Geordie was quiet! (03/04)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


About a month before Geordie turned four we started talking to him about doing chores. So on his 4th birthday he started. We're still working through it all, seeing what works, what he likes to do, at what time of the day should they be, etc...
It's not always the same chore, Geordie gets to pick from a list; vacuuming stairs, cleaning the floors, windows, putting away laundry, setting and/or clearing the table and dusting. If you can think of any others...let me know!!
My plan is by the age of 8 he will be doing the whole house! ;)

picture; Geordie cleaning the floors

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Class pictures...

Tomorrow Geordie is getting his class photos done. Today we were discussing what he will wear and how he will do his hair (yes, yes, apple does not fall far from the tree!).

Geordie: "I want my hair to be cool, like ROCK & ROLL"...while doing the rock and roll 'sign' with hand..."I want it just like Uncle Russell's hair when I was a baby at Nana and Grandad's with Greggie also"

He is referring to a picture that who knows when he last saw...

picture: (l-r) Greg, Geordie and Russell (08/04)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Conversation with a Paediatrician...

Geordie had his four year old well check up the other day, during this time the doctor asks various questions about how your child is doing as well as what things are they surrounded by, good and bad. This is what the conversation was at one point...

Dr. Ogdan: "Any smokers in the house?"

Me: "no"

Dr. Ogden: "Any guns?"

Me: "No, I'm Canadian!"

Aunt Rainy's Birthday!

So yesterday was my Aunt's birthday. Geordie loves Aunt Rainy and did a birthday message for her!!

I'm not going to tell Aunt Rainy's age but I will say that we are going to start working on "When I'm sixty-four" for next year!

Just riding my bike!

Geordie loves riding his bike! He finally will go outside without any other children around. He always loved playing outside but he could only do it for so long by himself. He really needs people around (I have NO idea where he gets that *insert sarcasm key*). Now he can stay out forever!! As long as he has his bike...

Still Alive!!!

It's been more than a month since I last wrote. What have I been doing?!?! I'm trying to figure that out...

I actually have been really busy. Between school work and then Callum's parents were here for a little over a week, then more school work...trying to get everything back in order. You get my drift!!

I have also been 'in talks' with a couple of friends. By the end of April we will be launching our own little business. You might look at it as something for us to do and make a little money on the side. Here's hoping everything goes well...more will be revealed at a later date! ;)

As I said, Callum's parents were here for a nice visit. Geordie loved having people visit HIS house (yes, that's a hint to all). We had a good time, and Wright Mum was a great help!! I was in midterms and the one day that I had to go and write my exam (outside the house) Geordie's school was canceled due to lack of power...there was none! So I was able to go on and write my exam and have no worries because Geordie was with his Grannie. They had a fine day!! To the Castle playground and Chick-fil-A they went!! On top of that meals were made and my kitchen now has curtains!! I am really starting to think that I should start a rent-a-Grannie business!!

I should mention that Wright Dad was also helpful. He and Callum had to take apart one of the toilets...they did a great job!!!

Truthfully, I locked them both up in their room and only allowed them out when I had a job for them to do!!!!

Geordie celebrated his birthday party on the 23rd (which funnily enough was actually his due date!). Check out the cake...

Unfortunately Geordie was upset that he was on it. We thought it was great!!!
We had it at the recreation centre in Carrollton where Geordie takes his gymnastics class. He celebrated it with his friends, Nora Jane, Ethan, Jayley, Ella and Carson.

pictures; (from top to bottom) Callum and Geordie, The superheroes cake, opening presents with his friends, Nora Jane and Geordie.