Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am SO going to heaven!

A cute little 112 year old (not looking a day over 80, I might add!) arrived at the pearly gates;

St. Peter: "Yes my dear, what makes you worthy of entrance?"

Cute Little 112 year old: "I lived in rural Georgia for five years, 11 months, 5 of those years under the Bush Administration..."

...and with that the bells rang, the choirs sang and the gates burst open...

St. Peter: "Come in, come in, my dear. You have served your time in hell!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's really in a name...

I was a single parent this weekend.
Callum was away so it was just Geordie and I!

It just happened that my brother's girlfriend was near by for the weekend so we went over to visit. It was a quick trip as she was here on business and didn't have that much time. We left Saturday around noon. Checked in to the hotel and then went swimming for a bit.

Geordie knew that 'my friend' was coming to meet us. He kept asking questions about her.
Finally when 'my friend' knocked on the door Geordie went and hid under the desk.
Tara walks in and as she talks Geordie peeks out. For 30 seconds he just stood there. He didn't know what to do. Then...the showman appears!

What a showoff he is!!! It's insane!!!

We had been in the hotel room for a bit and Geordie whispers to me; "what's her name again?" Of course, you know that a five year old whisper is the equivalent to an adult talking!

Geordie has the ability to remember EVERYTHING about someone...except their name! He can tall you what size shoe you have or what you ate when you were with him, but tell you your name...very unlikely!

So, we went out to dinner

This is Geordie's new 'cheese smile'.

When we were waiting for our table Geordie was even more rambunctious than usual. When I went to tell him to settle down I get;

"I know Mummy. It's just that I'm so excited that Tara's here. I can't help it."

Again, using the whisper!

After supper we took Tara to try a donut from Krispy Kreme as we do not have it back home...just the commercial!!

eat your heart out Greg!

Geordie enjoyed it too;

Geordie didn't stop talking about Tara for the rest of the night, and half the next day! aaaaahhhh...young luv!!

update: girlfriend is now soon to be sister-in-law!


Monday, August 10, 2009

We Survived...with a phone call home of course!

Well, we have 2 days of big school under our belt and now into the first full week.

Day 1; I picked him up and everything was great! The whole car line thing down here is definitely something to see! He enjoyed his first day. In his class is a girl (cute, blonde) who was in his class two years a go in nursery school. Back then she went back and forth between Geordie and his friend. Now she goes to church with Geordie's friend so she is his friend's girlfriend. We'll see if that's the same by the end of the week.

We have been told that he needs to look good everyday because she is in his class.

Before I tell about day 2 I will try and explain about the discipline system in his class.
Everyone starts with a green stamp. This is Groovy Green, it means you have had a good day.
Proud Purple - you had an exceptionally great day!
Okay Orange - you have been talked to once.
Watch out White (I think) - you have been talked to again and during play time after lunch you have to do laps of the playground.
Yikes Yellow - your parents are called.
Boo Blue - office!


Day 2; Callum dropped him off in the car line. Everything went fine. Around 1:oo I get a phone call from his teacher. Yup...Geordie was on Yikes Yellow!

He was 'cutting up' (didn't think it would be appropriate to ask what that was at the time, figured it meant messing around and asked a friend later on) not listening, etc...

The teacher said that usually there are a couple of children who test them in the first week of school (for us day 2!). They just want to get a handle on things right away. She was incredibly apologetic. As we all know, Geordie is beyond a tester (he had a letter home in his first week last year at nursery school as well, same deal...seeing how far he can go) and he needs to be put in his place right away or he will keep trying.

Then I had to talk to Geordie. He was upset;

Geordie: "Mummy?"

Me: "Geordie, what's going on?"

Geordie: "I don't know." (through tears)

Me: "Well, why aren't you listening?" Totally nice voice

Geordie: "I don't know. (again, through tears) I don't want to be here. I just want to be home with you forever!"

Me: "OKAY!!! I'll come and get you and you can stay with me forever! You'll never have to go to that bad school again!!!"

Seriously?!?! Do you think I said that?!?!
Of course I didn't!!!! But it didn't stop me from thinking it!!!!

Went on to tell him that going to school is like Daddy going to work and reminded him what he likes about it. Also the whole love you but disappointed, yadda, yadda, yadda...

When I picked him up an hour and a half later. All was well!

Callum and I discussed it and we felt that he was disciplined enough...this time! If it happens again, he won't be so lucky!

That evening when I was talking to Geordie;

Me: "Geordie, did you do laps during your play time outside?"

Geordie: "Oh yes, we ran them."

Me: "WE?!?! Who else?"

Geordie: "Me and 'the girl'!"

...and so it begins!!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

He's not ready for school...

He's still my baby!!!!

Okay! Maybe it's not him! Maybe it's me! Callum tells me it's me!

Today was Geordie's first day at school, school. Not a nursery school, but an honest to goodness public school where they HAVE to take him!

The other night we went for orientation where we met the teacher, checked out the classroom, the school, etc...

There was quite a celebration going on with various inflatables and food. It was actually a great way to start things off. The only thing we found a little different was that they were giving out free Bibles, again public school ;

It ended up that the local church, where many of our friends go and work, were putting the whole thing on. They also donated all the school supplies, including back pack. Thanks!

Last night Geordie was in bed by 7:30, I had his lunch and bag packed by 7:45. At about 8:15 I heard some noise up in his room. After a bit I went up to check on him. There he was in his boxers and a t-shirt lying in bed. When we put him down he was in his cute little pyjamas. I asked him why he changed;

"I'm a big boy now, I'm starting big school tomorrow so I have to wear this to bed now. Just before I fall asleep I'll have to take my shirt off and just sleep in my boxers. Remember Mummy, I'm getting older now."

This morning when I went in to wake him up. He was a little awake and asked if it was time to get up. I told him he had a couple more minutes and laid down beside him. He told me he needed a little bit of alone time. *sniff, sniff*

As Callum pointed out, he is not making it any easier on us.

Look how far I went! I pulled a 'my father' and took a picture of him waking up.
Didn't even realize I was doing it until after it was done. It's like my father was sitting on my shoulder saying, "Princess, get your camera, go to the bedroom and call out 'Geordie', SNAP!"
To Geordie, I apologize...still putting it up though!

While Geordie got dressed, including gel and 'oderant so that he smells good! I worked on the breakfast. Whole grain flax seed waffle with smoothie. One of his favourites! Note; smoothie seriously takes 3 minutes to make (frozen bananas, yogurt, milk, orange juice, ice)

Lunch had been packed the night before. Homemade pizza pockets and fruit salad. Check out the spork! Love it!!

Lunch is packed. Last week I had ordered some new products for lunches from One Small Step. Great new company that have amazingly great service. I was going back and forth between the lunchbots and another product. I ordered the other product and when it arrived I was very unimpressed with it. They had no problem exchanging it and within less than a week I had lunchbots.

Sorry about the picture, totally bloggers fault! :oP

It is going to be interesting to hear how many other children bring their lunch. When we asked the teacher and teacher's assistant about Geordie bringing his lunch, we kind of got the feeling that they thought that, that was not normal! You can get lunch at the cafeteria for $1.65.

We decided last night to start the first day exactly as it will always be. Callum will be driving Geordie to school so we didn't want to freak him out and have me go as well. Although I really wanted to go. We just thought that having me go would be more for me than for Geordie. Since the orientation was the other night and we knew what teacher he was getting, had met her and checked out the classroom we figured all was well.

Here is Geordie's 'camera' pose.

First time in his new seat.
Before this we had just been switching off cars because we were so close.

Truth, didn't want him to go! He is telling me to close the door.

There they go. Here comes the sniffles.

Callum called me after he dropped him off.
That's where Callum learned that he wasn't ready either.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Child Labour?!?!?

Last weekend Geordie asked to have a lemonade stand. Conversation went like this;

Geordie: "Mummy, can I have a lemonade stand?"

Me: "Sure, you can have it tomorrow (Saturday) morning in front of the house."

Geordie: "Oh no, that wouldn't be good. Nobody comes down our street. We need to find another place."

Me: "People will be coming down tomorrow. There are yard sales going on throughout the neighbourhood so there will be a lot of traffic."

Geordie: "okay." not totally convinced!

So Saturday morning...well before 9 AM this was the scene outside our house;

Of was slow moving at first and someone was just as excited to have access to non-stop lemonade.

The first car came down and Geordie stood beside his table and waved. The car turned around in the cul-de-sac and came up, stopped and gave him some money. He was okay with that! He quickly figured out that, that was what he needed to do; stand up and wave. His next customer was a very southern woman. He tried to only fill her glass up half way to which she responded, "oh no baby! you need to fill that up!".

So, little by little business picked up. Some just gave money. Others did buy a glass. Most people asked if this was the only thing that we were selling. The yard sale down here is a way of life! It's crazy. I am positive that some people make their living from it. You would not believe the amount of vehicles that drive around with trailors behind them going from yard sale to yard sale.

Well, in the end Geordie made $7.78. He was very happy;

What did he do with the money?!?!? He bought 'checkmarks'!

Sounds weird, huh?!? Or should I say, "eh"?!?

This idea started from a friend. Her children do various 'chores' to get checkmarks. Each checkmark is worth a dollar. They work their way up to the amount they need, to get what they want. For example her 8 year old (who was 7 at the time) got a Wii this way.

Geordie wanted the Lego Star Wars game which was $20 so he had to get 20 checks. He would do various things like clean the garage, help with laundry, vaccuum. We do not give checks for the regular things that he has to do such as clean up his toys. Once or twice we gave him a check just because he was incredibly well mannered somewhere or did a good deed.

Once he had the money from his sale we thought, why not let him buy some checks as well?!?
So, 7 check marks he bought! ...and is he ever happy!!

What do you do to teach your child that not everything comes for free or when they want it?