Friday, June 19, 2009

1/2 Fish

Summer is coming along meltingly! Seriously! I am melting more ways than one!!! Tomorrow is my 5K. The weather is saying, 'feels like' 38 C. Here's hoping the route is shaded!!

The swimming lessons are going great! Here's Geordie in his first session of swimming lessons.

Front crawl (or what they call free style); back crawl; breast stroke and play time at the end! Would you believe that the water is 12ft deep here. He knows that it's "2 Grandad's" long and thinks absolutely nothing of it! Our philosophy...what's the difference between 12 ft or 4 ft for him?!?!?


chelle said...

Oo he is a great swimmer!

Good luck tomorrow! Drinks lots of water!

Lost in Transition said...

I am amazed by his skills! He should teach me! I have a terrible fear of water..I know ridiculous...

You will do great tomorrow, pace yourself, stay hydrated! And remember no cotton! Wick away all the way! Most importantly have fun!!!!!

Chantal said...

WOW he is such an athletic kid! Good for him.

Have fun at your run tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

much more than a mom said...

Wow, he's great!

Mandy said...


And how did the 5k go?

I used to do tons of jogging in Thailand when I lived there and it almost killed me. Way too much heat and humidity to actually enjoy running.