Friday, June 12, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers...

That is actually Virginia's claim to fame. I find this extremely funny as Callum and I have only ever been there with Geordie in tow AND HIS PARENTS!!!!!

Last weekend at a glance;

Race wise...good quali, horrible first race, found out something happened to the carbor-thingie, had to work for a while fixing it; race final next am went extremely well.

The beginning... we're the orange car. I think they call it a Lola but truthfully I don't know if that means the type (like sedan), the company (like Honda), or the make (like Accord)...and again, I think that it's a Lola.

The middle...

Geordie's "Grandpa just passed someone" dance.

The End
1st in class, 3rd overall!

Driving from the track to the podium (picture by Geordie)

'The Team'

Driving back to the garage from the podium

...and, as always, he was catered too;

Here's the view from my chair, where I was more than excited that there was WiFi for me and my little friend. I asked if they needed any help once or twice...well, maybe I just thought of asking; As they say, it's the thought that counts! ;)



xup said...

Whacky good times!

Elena said...

Bet you never thought you'd be doing that when you grew up. Then again, I never thought I'd drive a back-hoe or understand the subtleties of cattle...

chelle said...

hehe looks like good times!