Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who did you say was a drama?!?!?

A while back we had a 'situation' with the word Jack-Ask . Well, it came up again on the drive back from Wilmington the other day.

I must add that Geordie has super-sonic hearing now a days!!!

After a car cut us off;

Callum: (under his breath) "Jackass!!"

Geordie: "Daddy, did you just say Jack-Ask?"

Callum: "no"

Geordie: "I heard you!"

Callum: "you heard wrong"

Geordie: "you are a drama!"

Speaking of drama, this was Geordie today at soccer camp...

On another note...I want this!!!


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Kellan said...

Cute conversation - they are so funny, aren't they?!

Take care - Kellan