Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some call it the bible belt; I might call it hell!!!

It's too damn hot here!!!

It's my fifth summer here and I still find the heat ANNOYING!!! I know, I know everyone always says they would rather have the heat than the cold.

My argument... you can add layers when it's cold!! You can't go around naked when it's hot!!! Although didn't the law change in Ontario in the late 90's allowing women to go topless as well as men?!?! Alls fair in sexism!!

So, what do I do?!?! Better question...what does Geordie do?

This morning we had soccer camp. He plays, I sit in the shade. Then we went to the skate park. Again, he plays, I sit in the shade.

Now we're home and Geordie is playing;

Check out the white streamers from our Canada Day celebrations.

...while I am on here;with the A.C. on!!! We are both in heaven!!!

Yes, this basin with water gives Geordie half an hour of entertainment. Isn't that crazy?!?!? I would be bored after three minutes!!! Add in the ice cubes and you get even more time. At first we were using ice cubes from the ice machine but about a week a go I bought some food colouring and now in the evening I make up trays of coloured ice for the next day!!!

When Geordie's tired of the water, I use rice...another twenty minutes of fun!!

Conversations with Geordie...

Geordie: "Mummy went to the doctor today for a checkout!"

Callum: "check up"

Geordie: "yeah, check up. She went to make sure her brain was okay."

Callum: "okay?!?!?"

Geordie: "she's time Sponge Bob, his brain grew legs and ran away!"



Kellan said...

It's hot here too! That's a great activity - very smart. And that conversation - tooooooo funny!

Take care and stay cool (love your title). Kellan

A Buns Life said...

I loved the colored ice cube idea!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to arrive on Monday

chelle said...

hehe water play totally is a time burner. Playdough is a huge hit here too!