Saturday, April 12, 2008

Would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself...

Yesterday we were driving to Savannah, GA. For the trip we stopped off at the gas station before starting off a red car did a 'stupid move according to Callum' and this is how the conversation started...

Callum: "Jackass!"

Geordie: "What's Jacks ass?"

We said nothing... half an hour later another red car cut in front of us on the I95 and the conversation started up again...

Callum: "Jackass!"

Geordie's: "Where's Jacks ask? That red car"

Callum: "yes, the red car"

Geordie: "yes, Daddy, all red cars are Jack asks"

for the next five minutes...

Geordie: "there's a Jack ask...look at that jack ask...there's another jack ask...what are the people in white cars called?...look there's a truck with a Jack ask..."

Three hours later we are in Savannah in Chick-fil-A for supper. Geordie is playing with another child and when we are saying goodbye we find out the child's guessed it...Jack!!! Couldn't believe it!!!! Jack left a couple of minutes ahead of us so by the time we were walking out of the restaurant Jack was across the parking lot, Geordie saw him and yelled out, "Bye Jack Ask!!"

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