Wednesday, June 4, 2008

AS IF?!?!?!?!

Last night I was showing Callum some pages of a blog I came across the other day. I couldn't get over how her stories about her husband are so similar to mine. Or maybe it is just how similar our husbands way of thinking are.

Lately whenever anything happens around here that is funny and has to do with Callum he quickly will say, "don't write about that!". After reading a couple entries of the other blog Callum says, "okay, you can blog about me then, if that's going to make your blog more interesting. You can get all of your best material from me. I'll allow you..."

AS IF!!!!?????!!!!

Thing is Callum can be funny but 55% of the time you are laughing at him and 50% of the things that he says that you 'laugh with' he gets from me. So really he is only 22.5% funny. [$20 (Canadian!) says that he will comment on this part!]

Callum has a much different outlook on some things (okay a lot!) from me. For example, a while back he was packing to go away for work, suddenly he started to freak out, we didn't have a bag that would fit just his stuff. We either had something that was too big or too small. Most people would think, okay either we pack two small bags or just have a lot of space in a big bag. Not Callum!! His first thought is; we NEED to go out and buy a brand new bag. I burst out laughing. If I hadn't been there at that second or he had been out he would have gone and bought one!

Here are some other examples of his thought process; taking care of everyone , being silly, parenting, sayings, being overheard, beliefs, being thrifty, cleaning.

So now that I have the 'go ahead', just wait...


chelle said...

hehe my husband knows very little is sacred :P

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Thanks for the link! :)