Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Geordie's into girls [now]!! In more ways than one!! He's always been a bit of a flirt. One time I caught him winking at a girl two or three years older than himself at the post office.

Then there was the time a couple of years a go when we were having 'tea' in the coffee shop and there were about four or five other guys at different tables. One of the guys was a friend of ours (Kennie) and we were talking to him over a couple of tables. Two young, quite cute, university students come in the door which was pretty much on the other side of the shop from us;

Geordie: "hi girls!"

girls: "*giggle, giggle*"

Geordie: "hi girls"

girls: "*giggle* Hi!"

Geordie: "that's Kennie" pointing at Kennie

Problem was Kennie is happily married with two children and a minister (have to put that in because it makes the story so much better!). But think of what could have happened if he was single!!

Then there was the time (summer 07, so Geordie was 3) that we were home and went to visit my brother Russell at his work. While my parents and I were talking to Russell, and watching him while he worked Geordie was talking to Keliegh (the announcer on after Russell);

Geordie: "we going for ice cream, wanna come with us?"

Yes, my friends he was/is that smooth!! He was also picking up someone who could have been his mother!! Notice I didn't write, 'trying to pick up'. If she hadn't been working I'm positive she would have gone!! Who can say no to the Geordie charm!?!?!?!?!?

Moving on to female 'parts'. I wrote before about it, but I have some to add. A couple of years a go Geordie started pushing on my chest;

Geordie: "what are those? I like those!"

I was at a loss for words and trying not to laugh.

Geordie: "I know, lady bumps!!"

So for a while Geordie would call them that and every so often would point to someones and say, "I like those!"

Yesterday, he asked about them again. It had been so long he had forgotten what he used to call them.

Geordie: "what are those again? I think the are big 'squito bites"

Back to girls... the other day he was telling Callum that Nora Jane and Olivia are his girlfriends (girlfriends being said like Lightning McQueen says, "lightning".)

Here was the conversation yesterday;

Geordie: "I want Nora Jane and Olivia to come over to my house."

me: "okay, when?"

Geordie: "anytime, I want them to sleep with me."

Question is...when do you think we should have 'the talk'?

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chelle said...

hehehe what a cutie! Oh no I am falling for his charm! hehehe