Friday, June 27, 2008

To Be or Not To Be....Organized?!?!?

When we moved down here, we moved from a 1.5 bedroom/1 bath apartment in Toronto to a four bedroom/three bathroom house. How is it that almost five years later we have...


Thing is we even got rid of a lot of it due to the incident. Moving out of this place into a two-bedroom town house made us get rid of a lot of [crap] stuff. Then moving back into there we deliberately tried to get rid of more...and then we didn't finish!

Is that really a surprise?!?! I am the never ending starter... and unfortunately Callum is not my finisher. Plus, we are also both pack rats.

The other day I was at my super-duper organized friend's house (you know, my southern BFF who is pretty much the exact opposite of me) and sitting in her house, seeing a real example made me really think that I could do this!!

So, I am trying to get myself on an organizational binge. I am reading 'It's All Too Much' and 'The Not So Big Life'. I'm waiting on 'Inside The Not So Big House', as it is not at my library.

Yes, I now am a member of the library.

It took me a while and I still have problems when I think about how the book I am holding was probably in someone else's bed but I'm doing it!!! Going to the library was the first step of this whole downsizing way of life. Not only do I save money by not buying books, I then give them back and I don't have to find a place for them.

What it comes down too is when the time comes and we move from here...which for all of our sanity better be sooner than later... we will never have a house this size again. Therefore we will not have the room for the amount of junk (and most of it IS junk) that we have. Plus, we will probably be the ones moving ourselves and paying for it!!

Did you know that the size of houses has doubled in the past 30 years?!?!?!

Minus our bedroom this is our worst room. It becomes a stopping spot for things that we don't have a place for. On this table includes pictures that we have yet to put up, reusable shopping bags that I have not found a place for some knitting stuff, mail and my purse/bags.

Here's to this weekend and my first room. The plan is to go room by room. Who knows, it might take me...

till we leave this place!!! but it will be done!!!

So.....who's with me?!?!?


chelle said...

Since we have moved form one apartment to the next for the past ummm SEVEN years .. ugh. I have always been slim on the stuff. However now that I KNOW we are not moving from this city I have been packing in things like a rat! I love collecting JUNK hehehe. I have done a spring clean just to be able to live in this small space. You can do it!!!

You knit?>!

Kellan said...

I am an organizing freak, but I still have spots in my house that collect paperwork and crap - it is often har to keep up with it all. Good luck!

Have a good weekend - Kellan