Monday, June 9, 2008

I dislike heat!

I'm trying to stop saying the word 'hate'. Callum's not all that fond of it and the other day Geordie said it and I really didn't like the sound of it. So...trying to take it out of my vocabulary which, unfortunately, is limited already. Either way wish me luck!

This weekend, along with last week, saw temperatures WAY TOO HIGH!! I heard some mention that on some days it was higher than ever before recorded. Again, WAY TOO HIGH!!!!
I always thought that I was a 'summer girl' so I thought I would love the south. I have found out that for once in my life I was *gasp* wrong! Can you believe that, me?!?!? Wrong?!?!?

I have now come to the conclusion that I would rather freeze my arse off than sweat to death! I know that you really can't die from sweating but I'm willing to take on that experiment and prove it wrong! Yes, 8 months of summer sounds nice but I feel that it is too much;

First of all 3, possibly 4 of those months it is way too hot to do anything anyways (must show my east coast roots and add the 's' on anyway).

Second; you loose out on the anticipation for summer. You know when it's sunny, 9 degrees C/ 48 degrees F for the first time of the year and you throw on a turtleneck, sweater, jacket, shorts and prance around enjoying the 'warmth'. I miss that!!!!

I REALLY dislike heat!!

On to brighter things...I thought life was complete a couple of years a go when Jordan Knight and Debbie Gibson got together and recorded a song... then the recent reunion of The New Kids was announced. Well today...wait for it... I got tickets to the show here in Atlanta. I'm thinking this is the reason why we are still/stuck here...for me to go to a New Kids concert!! Oh...if you could have seen my walls almost 20 years a go!!!!

Joey McIntyre, about 5 years a go when I met him at MuchMusic in Toronto! He hugged me...we had a bonding moment. I can't wait until we reconnect Oct. 29!!!


Alison said...

You know, if you look at your sitemeter, you'll find that someone found your blog by googling "Geordie boys underwear". What do you want to bet that they weren't looking for pictures of preschoolers?

chelle said...

I could not get used to the heat in the summer in California either (I am not even sure it was as bad as where you guys are). Now I am relishing in the warmth of Nova Scotia (sorry). I have to admit I was so ready for winter to be over, but I think that is the Canadian way.

NKOTB ... hehe

Callum said...

heat is not my favorite