Friday, December 7, 2007

Cheap -vs- Thrifty

Yesterday I was talking to a bunch of people a-boot the whole thrifty thing and it had me remember one of Callum's finest moment!!! Truthfully I don't remember if this is one of the stories that he hates me to tell or not, but it's just way too funny!!!! I've been having spontaneous giggles every so often for the past 24 hours whenever I think of it again so I felt the need to tell!!!

When we first lived in Toronto we used to do our grocery shopping together. This one day while in the produce section I asked Callum to pick out a few ears of corn. When we were home and I was putting the groceries away I got to the corn...they had already been 'peeled', yup, no husks left. Callum didn't want to pay for the husks since it was like 'dead weight'. It was heavy so it made the corn more expensive and we don't eat that part, wasted money. It took me a couple of days to tell him that you pay per ear, not by the pound!

above: Callum

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Lynn said...

What he should do is break the stems off the green and red peppers like I do :) Now that's saving money.