Monday, March 31, 2008

Sick leave!

This weekend I was down and out!!! Literally!!! I caught some kind of stomach virus that was going around and I was unable to get out of bed. It was horrible. I don't remember EVER being that sick before. It started late Friday night and really, I still feel it now, Monday evening.
So, it was Callum and Geordie to fend for themselves this weekend. How did this go you may ask?

Well, when I finally woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon, no one was home. Luckily a little 'elf' put a phone next to my pillow so I called Callum's mobile. Where were they?!?! At the Mexican restaurant!! I went back to sleep.
Later that afternoon when I woke up they were informing me that they were going to an old colleagues (of Callum's) for supper. Callum told me that we had been invited some time during the week but he didn't think that we were going to go. Earlier that day when he realized how sick I was he decided that he and Geordie would go...and then they would be fed!
On to Sunday (which also happened to be Callum's birthday) I finally needed some kind of food so Callum actually made scrambled eggs and toast for me...and Geordie. Although when asking afterwards how it was he told me that when he was cooking them he thought that they smelled like sweaty boots. Don't ask because I have no answer!!
That afternoon, Callum took Geordie to an indoor play place as the weather was horrible and Geordie needed to get out! He called around 6 and told me that Geordie was dying of hunger and that they were going to stop at McDonald's as it was just across the street.

Thing is, Callum gets incredibly aggravated when I want to eat out or order something in once-in-awhile because I don't feel like cooking!!!! All I can say is that I will never feel bad about doing that AGAIN!!!!!

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