Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama!!

We travel to Alabama a lot due to Callum's work. The plant where they put all the pieces together is there. Callum usually travels there once a week for the day to make sure that everything is running smoothly and (I'm convinced) to hang out with Vijay!!
The plant is in the suburbs of Birmingham. We stay in the Hoover area and I LOVE IT!!!! It's quite pretty and there is great shopping there.
This time we stayed in a hotel that just opened. When Callum booked the room they asked if we wanted the beautiful mountain view or the mall view. This was our view...

Isn't it beautiful?!?!?!?!?! Quite often I found myself in total awe of the topography!!

Geordie and I swam, checked out the shops, met Callum for various meals. We had a great time! Callum, on the other hand, worked until 9:00 each night (which was 10:00 for us) and had to go in on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Birmingham Zoo. Geordie and I had been there once before, when he wasn't even two and it was a cold day in January (beginning of November cold for back home).
Geordie was psyched to see the elephants. Unfortunately, there was none. So, then he was very excited to see the giraffes. We went, one minute later he was ready to move on. Callum couldn't believe it!! I loved it!!!

I am not an animal person at all. I really can't stand them. I like kittens, sometimes I like the look of puppy's but I rarely ever touch them. We have Baby Geordie so that Geordie can have a pet. [Callum too!] Just because I do not like them doesn't mean that I should ruin it for everyone else, right?!?!? So going to the zoo with a four year old is right up my alley!! We have the same attention span for looking at those damn animals!!! Actually sometimes, Geordie's is longer than mine!

I found someone who was just as enthralled with the animals as I was...

There was a carousel there. It was Geordie's first time on one...'ALL BY MYSELF!!'

...and no trip could be done without the ever present silly thingie to stick your head in!!


chelle said...

hehe you are so funny!

We miss zoos A LOT ...

Sounds like a great trip! Well not the work part but the rest :P

Kellan said...

What fun! Kids do love the zoo!

Good to see you today - take care - Kellan

Haley-O said...

Ha! That last photo is ADORABLE. Glad you had such a great time, with BEAUTIFUL views! :)