Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pet

Yes, Baby Geordie is still alive and kicking for those who have asked. I still have yet to touch him/her but I have stopped jumping on chairs whenever they are out of their 'home'. I also find myself saying good morning, goodnight and throwing a piece of apple in for the crickets now and again. Really, I have come a long way!!

Geordie took this look off of his friend N.J. and would you believe that this didn't bother me!!??

The other day Callum was away and I had to go and get the crickets, which we make Geordie pay for out of his own money. Before you get all 'that is so mean'...the money that he uses from his piggy bank is money that he 'finds' around the house. Plus it's only a dollar a week, AND it is Geordie's pet!!!

Notice the foot in the background...yup, that's mine! Not freaking out at all!!!!

So Geordie and I go to the pet store, they bring us a dollar worth of crickets. They hand it to me [silly people]. I quickly put my hands to my chest and say, "oh no, I'm not touching those things. Geordie, get your crickets!". Then Alaina had to come down to our house and let them loose in B.G.'s 'home'.

Baby Geordie enjoys playing on the train table. Here he is playing air traffic controller.

Baby Geordie pretending to be King Kong

Geordie decided that Baby Geordie needed some friends to play with...


chelle said...

umm yeah you are way nicer of a mom than I ... never ever ...e w ew ew ew ... no thanks. I go for the furry kind of pets thank you!

Callum said...

Damn. We need to take pictures when Geordie has a shirt on! People might think we're going redneck or something :-)