Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So, it's been awhile...

it's not that life has been dull, far from it, it's been too busy. We are in the month from hell!! A little while a go I wrote about staying here for another year due to various factors; sale of house not going through, no jobs worthy, etc... It really mainly all came down to the house!

We were doing a non-conventional sale and things didn't work out. We were selling the house ourselves and people came to us with a lease to own offer. We said no. A third party (a real estate company) came in and said that they would buy it after 6 months. Meanwhile the people were to move into the house and the real estate company was to assume our loan (this means that they are the ones that are to pay the monthly mortgage, we still owned the house). Well, the people stopped paying and the company (who was then supposed to pay) did not.

So, long story short (like I can), we had to go through the courts and get the people out of the house and we are now 'in talks' with lawyers. The people left the house in a mess and now we have to deal with that. This weekend past was spent cleaning out the house, we filled a dumpster with things left behind. Now we have to get it cleaned and repainted (that's how bad it is!). Then there's the carpets... here's to hoping that Sears Carpet Cleaning can work their magic!! We're hoping to be in by the end of the month.

Above you will notice Callum in the dumpster...isn't that insane?!?!? You wouldn't believe the stuff they left behind!!! We threw out everything (including over 20 porn videos, some with hand written 'XXX Live' on them...not to worry they also had various religious paraphernalia to make up for the tapes). We did keep four large garbage bags full of clothes, which we will donate.
Notice the grocery cart in the back...that was actually in the laundry room!


Alison said...

All I can think is that I bet your neighbours will be glad to have you back, rather than the sort of people who would have a shopping cart in the laundry room and handwritten porn videos.

Helen E.M. Wright said...