Monday, May 19, 2008

The new family member...

So...we finally broke down and got a 'pet'. We tried fish awhile back but that wasn't successful, especially when Geordie feeds his snack to them, at the time I think he was eating goldfish and raisins.
About two weeks a go we were over at our friends, The Grey's house. They have some anoles as pets. Geordie and Nora Jane were playing with them for a bit and then went outside. We left about 45 minutes/an hour later. When we arrived home Geordie had to go to his room because he was not listening well when we left. He didn't put up much of a fuss and was a little too quiet, I just put it up to him being tired.
Think again!!!! The next morning when Callum and Geordie were getting ready for school/work I suddenly heard Callum yelling my name. Under Geordie's bed, under his sheriff Woody hat was li'l NJ. Yes, our child had 'borrowed' his best friends anole. We came to find out that he put it in his pocket when we were in the Grey's house where it stayed while he played outside for almost an hour.
So, to make a long story short (as if I can?!?!?) move to the present and we now have an anole.

I am not a big fan...AT ALL!!! I first was insistent that it was to live in the garage. That didn't work. It now lives in our playroom.

What's the name you ask?!?! This is what happened at the 'naming ceremony'...

Mummy: "Geordie, what do you want to name it?"

Geordie: "Stink!"

Callum: "You can't name it Stink! How about Steve?"

Geordie: "No, how about Geordie?!"

Mummy/Callum: "okay, but we might get things mixed up because your name is Geordie too"

Geordie: "how about Baby Geordie then?"

So Baby Geordie Wright it is!!

Baby Geordie eats crickets...

I'm still not comfortable with it!!

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