Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Like most children Geordie still has his own words. Of course you think that only your child has them and that his special words are the funniest thing ever!!!! Unfortunately the Wright side of the family (not to be confused with the actual 'right' side) seem to do that at any age.

Callum's parents live in Wilmington, N.C. Very nice place. It's where Dawson's Creek was taped and now One Tree Hill, along with various movies. It can be a little on the 'posh side' and has a gated community called Landfall there. Well, Callum and his father are both known for calling things by other names. I don't know if it's to remember things or if they just have too much going on in their head to remember the correct name/term (for example, Callum always calls it The Space Pin). So Landfall became Landfill as soon as they moved there. Only problem was that I had just recently seen something about a bunch of people who made a ski hill out of garbage with a community around it so I really thought that it was called Landfill!!!
One night at a party in Wilmington I was talking to some people who lived in this gated community and I called it Landfill!!!

Here are a few of Geordie's little 'sayings'...

cereal is 'cereat'
backpack is 'packback'
'at morning' means anything in the past
'butter' could be either butter or peanut butter
flip-flops are 'flop-flops' (and it actually started out as 'glup-glups')
pants are 'long shorts'
boys underwear are called 'boxers' while girls underwear is 'knicker-boxers'
the tongue of a sneaker is the 'chin'
a belt is a 'seatbelt' (it seems that anything that goes around your waist is a seatbelt)
meringue (like the pie) is 'a-rang-a-tang' (like the monkey)
bathing suit was 'baby soup' at first but has now turned into 'baby suit'
driver's suit is 'driving soup' (yes, only my child would know that one!)
fog is 'frog'
breasts are 'lady bumps' (he really, really did come up with this all by himself!)
gargling is 'like a wookie'

above;Geordie making himself handsome 11/07

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Alison said...

The Boy's way of referring to the past is "last week" or "last morning".

I think the Wrights call things by other names on purpose! Cause it's not just Callum and his father, it's all of them!