Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Here for a ?good? time, not a long time...

After all the whining, complaining and lockdowns we have decided to stay on for another year!!! But, come early spring 2009 we are back to the home land, and that's 'fer shore'!!!
To begin we have not received a good enough offer of (or for) a job. Are we being picky?!?!? YES!!! Then the sale of our house did not go through so we are in the middle of that now. We were planning on still heading back to Canada and dealing with the house thing from there but then Callum's work came up with an amazingly good offer if we stay for the next year. So last week, the day after the lockdown we signed a contract to stay on for 2008.
So, we will be heading back to our house and putting it back up for sale. Thing is, it's not as disappointing as I thought it would be. Maybe because we have an actual time frame, where as before we've just been waiting [impatiently] to move and never really knew when.
Anyway, that's it for now...believe me there is more to this story, I'll fill y'all in later!!!!

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