Monday, December 17, 2007

The Snow Experience!

We arrived home yesterday. Our flight was actually fifteen minutes early!! (So HA!! to those pessimists!!!) Others were not so lucky.
We did arrive to snow and Geordie could not have been happier. I'll admit, I didn't exactly mind it either!!!
Last night my father quickly went out and got boots for Geordie and we borrowed a snowsuit from his cousin. He was all set for Canadian outside play.
This morning he found the boots right away. He was very excited and put them on. He then walked around like Frankenstein.
Later that day, after much practice with the boots, when it was time to go out he put on the snow pants, boots, jacket, hat and mittens and went on his way. He was beyond excited all he wanted to do was dig! We could not find his shovel so my mother gave him a big spoon and an old ice cream bucket. He was satisfied.
Outside he slowly made his way down the steps and onto the sidewalk. He tried to get up on to the snow but the wind was holding him back a little. I told him to quickly get on the snow then turn his back to the wind (showing him as well as telling him). Geordie nodded his head and then did his own thing... he turned around and walked backwards. He was a little disappointed though because the snow had a covering of ice and he couldn't dig as much as he wanted too. So out comes super mummy with a shovel and smashes it up for him. I went back in to watch from the door (you didn't seriously think that I stayed out in that cold weather did you?!?!?!). Within minutes Geordie was surrrounded by two 'ladies' ( I would say age 2 & 4). They seemed to just stand around while he dug!
He was digging standing up and I called out to him that he can sit down on the snow because he's wearing snow pants. He just stared at me like I had five heads and was a crazy lady!! This is not exactly new!!!
When it was time to come in he brought his 'shovel and pail' in with some snow! He wanted to play with it inside. He forgot about it for a bit and then when he went back to it, it was water. He was okay with that...he wasn't okay when I poured it down the sink!!!!

above; Christmas 2006

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