Monday, November 26, 2007


Today I decided to check out the after-after Thanksgiving day sales. There were some great sales. I was actually looking for a fleece for Geordie for those cold mornings but there were a couple things that I had to grab. I have a rule no more than $4 for a shirt and $6 for a pair of pants. So, I got one pair of pants and two shirts...and I was being very 'choosey'.
So, I'm minding my own business walking along and I notice that people are standing around and looking in one direction. I figure someone fainted or was sick. It was before noon on a Monday most of the people in the mall are over 65 at this time.
As I'm walking down towards where everyone is looking I notice that the stores are starting to close their doors. So I asked a salesperson who was holding a cordless telephone what was going on. She said that there had been gunshots fired and that she was closing her door. So I ran into her store and we closed the door. Hung out there for a little bit then when everyone was starting to open their doors and police were around we ventured out. I went to the next store as my car was parked out that way and since the police/security were not stopping anyone it seemed safe to go. Not so, next thing you know all stores had to close their doors and lock them. No one could leave or enter the mall. One of the suspects was 'missing'. Luckily I was in Borders so being stuck in there for a couple of hours really wasn't that bad. I had books, magazines, music, food, drinks and a bathroom. Here's the story.
Thing is yes, we were okay but we all knew that one of the suspects had still not been found. I grabbed a bunch of books and magazines, as well as a chair and went to a secluded spot away from windows. There were some people attached to the windows including one family with a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old. I'm usually not a WCS (worst case scenario) thinker but in this situation I was!!!! Maybe I've just been hanging around Callum too long!
When we finally did get out of the store we had to line up so that they could go through our stuff (if they felt the need) and check our I.D. After finally getting out of the mall we then had a long wait to get out of the parking lot as they were also checking cars if they felt the need.
I guess this is the 3rd situation with guns in the last month at the mall.
hhhhhmmmm..... any thoughts?!?!?!?!

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