Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 or 13?!?!?!?!

The other day Geordie and I were at a store. This was our conversation...

me, "Geordie, you choose, do you want to sit in the seat of 'the buggy' or the main part of it?"

Geordie, "I want to walk."

me, "I'm sorry, you can walk later right now your choices are seat or the main part of 'the buggy'.

Geordie, "uuuhhhh...whatever!"

Yes, I got my first attitude 'whatever'. Where did this come from?!?! Not from my sweet little boy, who I know can be more on the side of badass at times!! Still!!! He's only three!!!! I know they say that children are growing up faster these days but...three?!?!?! saying whatever?!?!?!? This was a day after the three of us went out to lunch and he ended up sitting at a different table from us. I'm already getting the 'when can I drive' question. It comes right after the, "Mummy, when can I take my training wheels off my bike" question.

picture; 08/2004

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Alison said...

Okay, you say he's only 3, but really, he's almost 4, and let me tell you, 4 is just FULL of attitude!