Monday, November 26, 2007

...put it on my wist, pwease!

Back when things were much easier...

Geordie is now at the age where he wants everything so instead of dealing with the complaining and whining about wanting something we put it on the list.
About a month a go when Geordie really started to get into the 'I want that' phase that will probably last the rest of his life I explained to him that Daddy and I will make him a list and any time he sees anything he wants he just needs to ask us to put it on his list. When it's a 'present time' we will go to 'the list' and pick from that.
Now, really, I'm not totally sure that Geordie understands the whole process and if he thinks that he's going to get everything that he has put on his list he is greatly mistaken. He does know that he gets presents for Christmas and his birthday and those presents will come from his list.
We are told on average about 20 things a day that he wants on his list and sometimes he remembers what things he has on his list. For example a commercial could come on and he'll say, "oh that's on my wist". Only problem, and really I don't see it as being that much of one, is that we have yet to start writing down the list!!! There's plenty of time though and there are always going to be things that Geordie wants.
The real test was one day in a toy store. I watched three mothers dealing with their children screaming about what they wanted and that they couldn't leave the store without it. Meanwhile Geordie and I were quietly walking through the store with him holding my hand, pointing at things and saying, "mummy, can you put that on my wist?". Yes, the question over and over and over can get annoying but really...which would you prefer?!?!

above; Geordie 11/04

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