Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad words?!?!?

One of Geordie's first words was the "s-word". No joke!! I would say it went something like please, mummy, daddy, yes, no, hi, s-word. Actually come to think of it the "f-word" was probably in his first 50!!! Thing is he used it in the correct context. One day he knocked over a cup of milk and said, "S*@T".
I remember my mother saying, even before Geordie was born, that the f-word would be one of his first words. Callum didn't believe her. As funny, and actually cute, as it is to hear a baby swear you don't really want it to happen. Callum quickly went into baby-mode and stopped swearing at home. For those of you who know Callum, I know that this is unbelievable but it's true. Even now, I am so used to not hearing him swear anymore that when he does it freaks me out a little.
Geordie stopped swearing about a week before he first started school... at the First Baptist Church Pre-school. Could you imagine what they would have done?!?!?!
So, now the problem is me!! Most of you know that I'm not one to swear. I was always afraid of getting caught and then by the time I was 'allowed' to, I thought I sounded stupid. Even now, I will spell words out and ruin stories by saying the f-word, or s-word (ask Lynn, she rolls her eyes every time). My problem is hell and damn!! So, of course, that's now Geordie's problem, well, actually ours!!!
The other day I was talking with some people about Geordie 'hanging out' at the skate park (as in skate board). Someone commented about the language that the teenagers would use around him, and being worried about that. Swearing isn't really done down here. At Callum's work the employees can easily pick out the Canadians, they are the people who swear. There are some things that I try and keep Geordie away from, language, well, I can't say it's at the top of my list.
Guns, violence, now there are some things that I would prefer for my child not to witness. Which leads me to the one thing that really bothers me, why are the 'swear words' censored out of a movie that is on in the middle of the afternoon (for example, on TBS, 'heck' is heard while you see the lips say 'hell') yet, they will show someone being blown up or a person shooting another and think that this is acceptable?!?!?! I would much prefer my child to hear the f-word then see something violent, even on television. So, am I backwards?!?!?! I mentioned this to the ladies I was talking too...they looked at me like I was blue. I took it that they thought I was backwards.
Thing is...I know Geordie's going to swear. It's a given!! Actually, its possibly it's in his genes. Swearing is fine!! Now if he picked up a gun...I would have a problem!!!

Geordie on the first day of school 09/07

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Alison said...

Swearing is definitely in his genes. You've met the family on his father's side!