Sunday, November 18, 2007

The performer...

Friday Callum and I watched Geordie in his first performance. His 'school' put on a Thanksgiving production. The Early Childhood Music Educator in me thought it was horrible. I never let any of my students under the age of 6 perform in front of people. I think that's one of the worst things you could ever do to any child. Meanwhile the parent in me loved it!!!!

Geordie was so cute!!! We had our worries of course...that he would see us and come running to us but he was absolutely fine! I would go so far as to say GREAT!!!! He was actually one of the few three year olds that not only sang but did the dance as well. Once in awhile we got a wave and he kept looking at me while he performed. It looked like he really enjoyed himself being the centre of attention!! I have no idea where that comes from - this is when a sarcasm key is needed on these damn things!!!!
As one friend said, "Geordie took to the stage like hockey to ice!"

I guess each child received an 'Indian name'. What's Geordie's you ask?!?!?! 'The Big Snake' of course!!! As Callum says, "he IS Scottish...there is a reason why we wear kilts!".

Geordie is the one in the blue shirt, possibly also the only one participating in these pictures. If you notice in the picture by himself he looks like he is either in pain, or the devil. This is actually his *smile* when you say 'smile' and take a picture, as for his was horrible lighting there!


Alison said...

So tell me. What exactly are the costumes supposed to be?

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Native Americans and pilgrims!!! GEESH!!!! You really can't tell?!?!? You really have to start reading more books with pictures...and not pictures of race cars!!!!

Alison said...

Well, I could figure out the pilgrim hats, so by process of deduction I should have guessed Geordie was a native american. But really, the coloured shapes on what looks like a very large pillowcase, well, they were a little misleading!