Sunday, November 18, 2007

...the thought that counts

This morning Geordie and I were planning on going to the skate park where he skates with all his 'dudes'. No joke...they call him 'little dude'. Anyway, I told him I had to first get a shower and then breakfast. He asked if I was going to have eggs and I said maybe.
When I got out of the shower he informed me that my eggs were almost ready. I will point out that up to this point of the day I had not yet been to the kitchen and Callum was not home. I went downstairs and found four egg shells in the sink, Geordie had 'mixed them up' in one of his little bowls that only has room for one egg and then poured them into a pot. There was a little bit of egg mixture on the floor (that I actually couldn't see due to all the toilet paper that was on top of it) and on his stool, but other than that he did a good job. After the whole safety/cooking conversation it was off to the skate park...

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