Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's all about the plastic...

...as in surgery, not credit!!! When we were moving down here my m-i-l (that's Mother-in-law who lives in North Carolina) had just been invited to a Botox Party (think Tupperware only with Botox) so I knew that things were a little different down here. But I didn't think that it would be that different on this subject!!!!
The amount of boob jobs that are walking around down here is insane!!! I'm not talking about reductions for health reasons (to which I know of two people back home who have had that, again...for health reasons) I'm talking about up (at least) two sizes kind of jobs, perky kind of jobs, 16 year old boobs kind of jobs!!!
It seemed like Callum came home and told me about someone having something done at least twice a week for the first two or three months that we were down here. Mainly boobs, also some tummy things. It all just seemed to be done so easily, almost like getting your haircut. You decide on the style and then in the chair you go!!!
To change the subject just a little... I'm a radio listener. I always was but since my brother, Russell, became an 'on air personality' I feel like I need to support radio. I love listening to this show in the morning. They're great and could actually be Canadian...there's even a lesbian in the crew!!!! If you ever have a second, check them out in the morning. Hilarious!!!!
Anyway, the thing that got my attention was a new contest, 'pick ur plastic'. Yes, my friends you can win that plastic surgery you have always wanted. Is this weird, or am I just showing my age?!?!?!

above; Uncle Russell with Geordie

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Alison said...

There was a similar contest on one of the stations here a while back. Crazy.