Saturday, November 17, 2007

To begin...

I've been watching (more so reading) everyone else's blogs. Tonight I decided, I have a few minutes lets finally get one started. Which, truthfully, I'm surprised I haven't started one of these before!! I am the perpetual starter. I get an idea in my head and I do it right away. Finishing...well, that's a different story. Even this, I went to 'start' my own brand new blog tonight only to find out that I had started one about a month ago...and never finished it!!! Second...I get to 'talk' without any interruptions. Now really, how have I not started one of these?!?!?!?
Getting back to the starter thing; a couple of months a go Callum (the husband) and I were going through our books. On one shelf we found books on how to (1) do calligraphy (2) make lanterns out of paper (3) make candles (4) crochet (5) run...believe me I could go on. I decide I want to do something and I rush out and figure out where/when/how. Sometimes I get a book about it, sometimes I look it all up on the internet, once in a while I actually do it. Well, at least start it!!!
I do come by this honestly!! Ask my mother...she lived with a hole in the ceiling of the living room and half a mantle for way too many years to count!!!
I see that most people have a reason to these things...I don't think I do! Or if I do, believe me, it will change. So it will forever be known as My Bloggie Thingie! So for's about the trials and tribulations of a Princess stuck in the south with my little family (Callum - husband, Geordie - 3 year old son) trying to get back to the mother land (Canada) while finishing her second undergrad (BBA) through distance education! Actually it's just another place to show pictures and brag about how smart Geordie is... speaking of which, how do you add those pictures!!!!

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