Friday, August 1, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...keep trying!

Two things we really wanted to do as parents was;

(1) Make sure our child did not 'give up', especially before even trying something.


(2) To not rush, there is nothing worse than when I child rushes through everything.

Both of these things I've seen too many times and I really did not want to see our child fall into it.

Unfortunately were not all that great with #2! I'm a last minute person, therefore I'm always rushing to get ready and get out of the house. I try... but I don't always succeed. Okay, I hardly ever succeed!

As for #1

I find it so hard to hear a child automatically say, "I can't do that" to something that they have never done before. Or, simply stop after trying once.

I blame the parents! If a parent does it, watch the child...they won't be far behind.

Because I am NOT a perfectionist I will try anything and everything. Callum's a perfectionist on most things but he is still willing to try things even if he won't be perfect at them.

We do suffer, like most, from giving up. Really, who doesn't?!?

Only thing is...we really try to hide this from Geordie.

I think it's working! I have proof!

Yesterday we were at the skate park. Now, Geordie is great on the scooter and we can't get over the things that he can do on it. Even when he falls down he gets 'right back up'.

He came over to me three times and said;

"Mummy, I just fell REALLY BAD! But I dusted myself off and tried the jump again!"

Lately he has been practicing on his skateboard.

He started in the grass, and has now moved onto the concrete.

Here's the first try...

and finally after practicing for 10 minutes...

He went on to practice for another 10 minutes to perfect it!

And here is the end of the day...well, close to the end. My battery ran out and I didn't get the really good one of Geordie 'pumping' and riding it all the way down!
I apologize for my horrible camera work!


The Laundress said...

THAT totally rocks.

Chantal said...

wow good for him. My D fits in the middle of that, he always says "I can't do it" and fusses and then he tries and tries and eventually he usually gets it. M on the other hand just tries everything and couldn't care less if he fell.

Rachel Still Hates Swimming Laps said...

sounds good, however my parents signed me up for a swim club or swimming lap after lap, and I HATED it. Then they gave me that whole quitters never win shit. I was bouat 8 at this point. I think it was this exact incident when I began suspecting they were douches.