Monday, August 25, 2008

Not Too Bad!! Beware bragging happening!

I'm home! My accent is back to prove it!

Travelling was great! Yes...I said great!
Weather here is awesome! Sure when we arrived and walked outside a part of me did think about taking out my fleece but I faught it! I can cold weather anyway!
Then yesterday there was drizzle! I love drizzle!
Geordie is quite a little traveler. He should be he's done it enough!

People even commented on how good he is.
The flight attendant in the first flight was gushing (yes, gushing) about how great he was to the pilots in front of me.
The second flight we had a pilot sitting next to us and at the end of the flight he commented on how good a traveler Geordie was.

If only they knew what he was like normally... ;)
Once landed in Halifax he was beyond excited. When we were at the top of the escalator he quickly picked out Nana and Grandad in the crowd. I let out a sigh of relief. I always have a small fear that he's going to forget what everyone looks like.

He wanted to run so I told him I would hold his 'packpack'. He went running to them. As he passed the security guards they laughed and said, "aaahhh, someone saw their Grandparents!"

That night bedtime was 10:15 for Geordie. Wake-up call on Monday morning was 6:00 AM. See picture above for 7:00PM, Monday evening when in time out!
This morning found Geordie up before 6! Luckily he fell asleep around 8:30 and woke up around 10:15. He is now enjoying his toast and tea! When in Rome and all!!
So far Geordie has gone through 2 bikes, first one was too big so another one was needed. Now he is in heaven! Everyone who has come 'round has had to watch him (first) ride his new bike (second) see him do tricks on his scooter and finally see him do tricks on his skateboard!
Last night Lynn came over and it killed Geordie to go to bed because "everyone was going to have fun without me".
He's in heaven! So many people so little time!
This afternoon...


Chantal said...

nice, enjoy!

chelle said...

YAY!!!! Enjoy every moment (like I had to say it!)

OHmommy said...

Yay.... enjoy!!!

XUP said...

Are you going to the skatepark at the Commons? That was right by my old house. Sigh....