Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

Here's to my fifth TT!

I'm home for a bit so a little out of the loop. I apologize if I have not been 'round to visit!

Here are 13 thoughts, discoveries and/or tidbits of information...

1) When living away from a bilingual country you forget that labels have two different languages on them.

2) Oil on the street can look very much like snow to a four year old.

3) When travelling with a child under 5 by yourself ALWAYS use the car seat on the plane, bring a DVD player and a book for yourself!

4) Pack less snacks than you think you need for the travel day. Less to carry around and you still end up with snacks left over! If need be you can always take out a loan and buy something at the airport!

5) The whole 'only under 2 can bring a juice box through security' rule is STUPID!! A parent did not make up that rule; the least they could do is have 'healthy drinks' once through security! Preferably for free as yours were just taken from you! AND WATER THAT COSTS LESS THAN $4 A BOTTLE!

6) Green grass rocks!!

7) hhhhhmmmm... Smarties!

8) It's really nice to have someone else do your laundry and clean up behind you after you cook!

9) I reply to everyone that comments on my blog. Just found out that it doesn't always get to everyone! If you don't leave your address I can't do it! You wouldn't believe the amount of messages the 'no-reply' folder must be getting from me!

10) EVERYONE here has an accent...and it's very easy to fall into it, even without a drink!

11) Why is it that you can get ready so much faster when you are not home?!?

12) The difference in price between the States and Canada is insane!

Just before we came home I had to go out and get school supplies for Geordie. I went to Walmart as the list said that certain things are there ( I am not normally a Walmart shopper, the whole political stuff about the company bothers me but really I just feel 'dirty' when I come out of there!) I had to run to Walmart here the other night as it was the only thing opened and I desperately needed a fan!

I was walking by the school supplies and I wanted to compare prices. This is what I found... the same box of Crayola crayons that was $0.77 in the US was $2.14 here. The same box of Roseart crayons that was $0.22 in the Us was $1.16 here. Isn't that insane?!?!?

13) It is nice to be around your family. Question is...would they drive you crazy if you lived around them?



Lost in Transition said...

gdIsn't it crazy the price difference in everything! Don't go buy groceries or things like that, it's unbelievable!

Although I have to say the tax back home is pretty freakin hight which I somehow always forget, so that is always a shocker as well, when you total takes a huge leap.

Ah the accent, how I miss the accent, I don't notice it too much when I call home to the family, but once I get around them then I really hear it, and all of the sudden I sound like I never left! I love it!!!

Glad you are having a awesome time back home! Even if I am a bit envious, lol...

Michele said...

An accent, you say? I didn't think we had accents in the East Coast until I returned to Calgary this week and my neighbour told me I had one. WHAT?? An East Coast accent???? NEVER!!!

YummY! said...

I want someone like #8 for my house.

chelle said...

ahhh and see I do not complain paying higher prices (check zellars their crayons are cheaper) because after living in the US I would pay TWICE the taxes to live here (please do not tell the Premier that k?)

People totally have marbles in their mouths accents! I love it! And when I speak .. they cock their head and say "Where ya frum?" hehehehehe Which soon I am going to get brave enough to say "I am from Nova Scotia my family has been here for like three hundred years ... u?" Think they'll believe me? lol

much more than a mom said...

Only kids under two? That's ridiculous! I didn't let my kid HAVE a juice box until he was two! ;-)

Stella said...

I am so glad you're having such a nice time!!! ENJOY!!

XUP said...

I think our wages make up for the higher prices -- I hope. That's what they keep telling us anyway.