Monday, August 4, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That...

So today I was ordering some flowers and I was checking out the website of the florist. They have a little film showing you the different times in life that you can send flowers.

I wasn't really paying too close attention until I heard, right between 'get well soon' and 'finding happiness';

"Getting out of jail"

Yes, getting out of jail is a GREAT time to give flowers!!

Seriously?!? Check it out for yourself!


I came across this a little while back...I found it incredibly funny.

This is what is written on the back package of the famous dolphin condom.

Finally, a bit of an un-eventful weekend. We really didn't do much of anything.

No organizing, even though I have a couple of rooms left and they are just 'killing me'. Now that all my other rooms are still organized the ones that aren't I can't bare to go in.

Callum and Geordie put together a solar system;

Final results;

...and they played.


Setting; Mummy, Daddy & Geordie at the table eating supper...

Mummy: "blah, blah, blah... blah, blah blah... blah, blah..." [as according to Callum]

Geordie: "HEY!!! Slow down Lady!"

Callum is still laughing over this one.



Anonymous said...

Looks like Callum was doing the "putting together"!

Rachel said...

Helen, I will totally send you flowers when you get out of jail, according to the local customs.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says "I made parole" more than the "Freedom Arrangement" from FTD. When you and spring are both sprung, say it with flowers.

Stella said...

That solar system is awesome!!

And everyone needs a flower cheer...even those newly released criminals! :)