Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I forgot...global warming isn't really happening!

How is it acceptable in this day and age to sit in your ford truck for well over an hour with it running?!?!? This was yesterday!

Every time we go to the skate park there is at least one vehicle that stays running for the entire time we are there. One day it was over 2 hours! It was one of those Redneck trucks.

It's always a truck, SUV, or van.

Meanwhile...I sweat my bells off!!

It's so hot there; no shade and with it being the summer in the south and all. I roll down all the windows AND once in awhile I will turn the key a bit so that some incredibly hot air can blow on me.

It drives me bananas!!! See, it's making me go back to my old ways with exclamation points!
Sorry Rachel!

At first I thought that it was the children, teenagers who were hanging out. Then the door opens and out comes middle aged men and women.

When we moved down here, almost five years a go, we couldn't get over the lack of recycling that was done...NONE! Beer bottles are thrown out!
Every time we see that happen we think how my family would react!

In public there are only garbage cans with one hole for garbage...no paper, no bottles.

Unfortunately, over time, we have come to the ways of the land. Yesterday, I threw a wine bottle in the garbage.

I apologize!

Today, I opened 8 cans... they are in a bag waiting to be recycled.

We are changing our ways.

We use reusable bags and organic cleaners. I'm a bleach nut but luckily our grocery store sells chlorine free bleach so I still get my bleach! We try and eat organic as much as we can. Although I find it hard to do here. There isn't that much of a selection and what is here isn't always in stock! We are eating meals without meat and the meat we do eat is organic.

Our air conditioning is not on high. AT ALL! Believe me...I would be sleeping a hell of a lot better if it was!

I map out where we are going and what we are doing so that we use the least amount of gas. Callum has become a little bit of a Hypermiler, minus the speed limit rule.

I do have a problem with water. I try! My showers are cut down, I only put on the dishwasher when it is full. We have a front load washer and we don't water our grass. But I still find that the water is on too much and for too long. That's something that I need to work on.

Trying to teach Geordie about these things is working well in our house, but outside of it it's hard. We discuss how there are choices to make, good and bad, and for us good choices are reduce/reuse/recycle.

Funny thing is...many times we have overheard people here saying;

Global Warming is not real.

I had always heard that there were people who didn't believe in it, I had just not come in to contact with one. Now, I know of many. One of my favourites that is said is how the Democrat's have used Global Warming as their religion.

Since when does a political party need a religion?!? ;)



chelle said...

hehe .. we too have been trying to do our part. There are a lot of people that do not make it a priority that is for sure. But when the "educated" "leaders" of our countries do not support change it is hard to convince everyone of the cause.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

It is always an SUV, isn't it.

1-2-3, not it! *touching nose*

BTW, my eight-year-old is the Environment Police in our house. Always shutting off water. ;-)

much more than a mom said...

Hahaha! That's a great picture. Funny story - my huz has a shirt with W on it with just a small caption saying "moron." We told Primo once what it said (he asked) and it must have been well over 6 months ago. That shirt is now covering the back of the chair that his booster is on. A houseguest asked him the other day "Who's that?" and he replied "Das a moron!"

Stella said...

I have been hypersensitive about this! I turn my car off and we use reusable bags. I won't even use the plastic bags for produce. I've also been doing a lot of water conservation.
It scares me how many people think it isn't real!

Mandy said...

I keep thinking I need to do more for the environment. I wanted to do cloth diapers but my husband gagged and refused, so we reverted to disposable.

Maybe I will start composting... our friends started doing this and with their recycling (and granted cloth diaper use), are down to one bag of garbage per week.

Lost in Transition said...

You do the best you can do, and hope everyone will follow your lead.

We started using cloth produce bags and we get some strange looks from people. The best though was when we moved here last week, we called our garbage hauler to see what to do with recycling, they didn't have a formal thing, just throw in a bag and tie a plastic bottle at the top. Paul asked if they would take our blue bags, the woman NEVER HEARD of blue bags!
Yes we still have a long way to go but are getting there..

Haley-O said...

Wow, that Bush pic is classic! I hate it when people leave their cars running. And, people REALLY need to recycle their Starbucks cups and/or use MUGS when their staying at Starbucks....

Personally, I think it's frightening how REAL global warming is.... It's all our responsibility to make the world viable for our children -- on coffee cup, one turned-off ignition, at a time......!!! Great post. The web needs lots like it!

Anonymous said...

go to world clock website and watch the average earth temp.....?????? i've been watching it for 3 years. i now know how much the earth is warming, and cooling during the the last 3 years. thank goodness i don't have trust anyones opinion but my own....

Anonymous said...

ok. well i live in the south. i am what you call a "redneck" i throw my bottles out of my truck i dont use them fancy bags yall got i use the ones from wal-mart. i ride around in my truck with a rebel flag flying in the back. the south is the best. i aint ever gonna change my ways. the south is called "the south" for a reason. if you dont like how we do things down here move back up to where you come from. and organic food.... wow.... food is food. id rather eat my ribs and enjoy them then eat that stuff you call tofu. i am a meatatarian! THE SOUTH IS THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

I aint about to quite leaving my truck running. Acctually i would rather cruise all night and "burn up the ozone layer" with my exahust. If yall think global warming in real than eat more beef so all the dang cows in India will quite farting. besides how can it me global warming it was 34 degrees when I got up this morning.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the 3 above me. the world is cooling down, and its called global warming? dumbass'. i agree with the redneck above, im redneck too, i highly doubt our thick black clouds of diesel smoke will cause this stuff. go back to the north and learn sumthing and do ur reserch.

Chris said...

I'm gonna leave my truck running if I like. I am in Tennessee and we don't use those bags y'all use we use the wal-mart bags an we throw out our bottles elsewhere and we fly our rebel flags and eat meat. And we feel alright.

Anonymous said...

There is something to the diesel truck thing. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than gasoline engines, and can be a more cost-effective option than hybrids.

Of course, to the closed-minded eco-hype people that you seem to be, diesel = big, loud, redneck = bad, facts be damned.

Firewood is another common "redneck" thing. It's a renewable fuel source and is "carbon-neutral". Using a wood burning stove is far superior to coal or even electric heat in many cases. Of course, I suspect that you see wood stoves as outdated and barbaric, preferring to believe that windmills and solar panels will save us all.

and recycling simply doesn't make economic sense. It costs $250/ton to recycle vs. $50/ton to dispose of garbage in a landfill. The extra costs are due to all of the additional processing infrastructure, energy, trucks, staff, facilities, cleaning agents, melting machines, etc needed to reprocess recyclables. Recycling is actually a tremendously wasteful activity in terms of energy-resources that it uses. Not to mention the tax resources that a recycling program requires.

If recycling made economic sense, companies would pay for recyclables, as they do with aluminum. Aluminium is frequently recycled because people are PAID to recycle it. Working with economic incentives to encourage people goes a lot farther than berating them for not following some mother earth mentality.