Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Here's to my second Thursday Thirteen!

So, lets raise a glass and yell 'sociable' to my


Sweet Tea
I have come to really love this drink.

McDonald's Orange drink
Years have passed since we used to have it at school functions and brownies but I still love my McDonald's Orange drink. Sometimes when I'm really thirsty it's the only thing that will quench my thirst. It's also great for hangovers!

Earl Grey Tea
Must be hot of course. It's quite funny when people come to my house here
(in GA) and see my kettle.

Malibu Rum & Pineapple juice
Great as a little summer refresher

The double dark rum and coke!
Afavourite back home, my father calls it a Stevedore drink. It just takes me back to my Shauna and Amber days!

Need I say more!

Appleton Spiced Rum
This was a special treat for Shauna, Amber and I!

Taboo & Lemonade
In 1993 I went to Halifax, England with Halifax (NS) Schools Symphony Orchestra and the Percussion Ensemble. While there we checked out some places. We had some drinks. Many of us really enjoyed this age 16! When I tried it about 8 years later...ugh! it was disgustingly sweet! Even though I will not drink it again it will always be thought of as that great drink that we could not get in Canada!
(by the way...the lemonade part was just a Sprite-like drink)

Whisky Sour
I was introduced to this by one Mike Cutcliffe who will be forever in my thoughts! He bought a round one night when with Shauna and Amber (do you see a trend?!?).

Vodka & Mountain Dew
Don't knock it till you try it!!

Purple Haze
One of those funky martinis that you used to be able to get at The Argyle on Thursday night.
It's probably horrible now but at 19 it was great!

Rolling Rock
Since we can't have Keith's in the States we have to settle for Rolling Rock.
It's actually not that bad!

Lemon Drop Martini
This is my new fad. Sweet & sour! Some might say, 'just like me!'


Stella said...

Wow! We could be twins based solely on our love for McDonald's Orange Drink!!'s Hi-C!! It tastes much better in MickeyD's cup, though!!

Arlene said...

I do not think I have ever had McDonalds Orange drink but Vodka and Mountain Dew sounds preety good....

Kristi said...

I just discovered (even though I'm already 35) the joys of rum and diet coke. How sad is that. Ditto on the McD's orange drink. HAppy T13.

aimee said...

we have rolling rock in our fridge as i write this...just got back from oregon :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the reference to the mcD's orange drink..remember the drink depensers??? gotta give a shout out to the red drink dispensers!

Mitchypoo said...

I'm thirsty now! Great TT! Please come visit if you can!

Chris said...

I love Lemon Drops as well. Great list, though I have to disagree about sweet tea. Happy TT

Lilibeth said...

The sweet tea and the Earl Grey Tea sound great. In fact I'm going to go make myself some right now.

The Laundress said...

If I'm not drinking, wine or a margarita I'm devouring DARK rum and diet coke...

I sound like I lush don't I?

Jacey said...

Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for the support over at On The Flipside (love that place!)
While I accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it was kinda nice (and satisfying) to see someone agree with me! :D


new diva said...

I am a dirty Belvedere Martini with blue cheese olive myself!