Friday, October 3, 2008

Yes, my child eats salad!!

Remember the Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee incident?!?

Or better yet, the lunchables incident?!?

Those aren't the only ones!!

Geordie has now refused those packaged cheese & crackers and frozen pizza pocket type thingies.

-this is the lunchable that Geordie will eat!
Once in awhile he will ask for the pre-packaged one that 'all the dudes at school have' but once we remind him that he thought it was yucky he says, "oh yeah, I just forgot. I like Mummy's lunchables".

Would you believe that he also asks for salad?!?

Seriously! Loves it!

The other day he asked for me to make it for his school lunch.


Here is what was in today's lunch!

Sorry about the photo, Geordie took it and it was my only one!

Geordie calls them 'my pizza pockets'.

...this was before they go in the toaster oven. I heat them up, making the cheese melt the night before and he eats them cold the next day.

The other day, Geordie was doing the 'this little piggy' rhyme.

Now, we are unsure if he is just making it 'his own' or if this is possibly what they say at his nursery school...

"This little piggy went to Walmart
This little piggy stayed home..."

Sometimes Geordie comes home saying different 'things' and we try and pretend that it didn't really happen.

Our motto is, 'anything that they do to him at this age we can reverse!'



A Buns Life said...

I hope you know how lucky you are!!

Chantal said...

That is neat how you made up his lunch box. Are those cupcake cups? He is a good eater. My guys eats salad too but D is super picky with his lunches.

chelle said...

Yay for healthy eating. I am a firm believer that if we just give them good food, they will like it :)

Love the pizza pockets I so need to try that!

CW said...

and for the record....all I get is a crappy pb&j sammy.

OHmommy said...

Whoa.... you have a great eater. A healthy eater. WTG!

xup said...

We have to band together to defeat the evil Lunchables. Because they are evil and our children will curse us as adults with hypertension and obesity. What a cool idea to invent your own anti-Lunchables!!

Anonymous said...

This little piggy went to Walmart??
This little piggy stayed in his double wide.
This little piggy had fried pork fat. This little piggy had none. And THIS little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to vote for McCain to ensure the rest of world dislikes the USA for at least another 4 years!