Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

Here are 13 things that have kept me away from this thing in the past week...

1) Getting the house ready. Still some painting to do.

2) Putting the house up...yes, house is now truly for sale... but does that really mean anything in this economy?!?

3) Getting ready for Autumnfest, which is next weekend.

4) Catching up on Weeds and Tudors.

5) comments! and trying to make decisions!

6) Looking for jobs.

7) Addicted to MLS - even more than normal!

8) Olympics.

9) Trying to get our grocery bill down.

10) Knitting...I have so many projects that I've been putting off. Mainly because it's too hot in the summer to knit here and with the cooler temperatures (finally) I'm able too!

11) Trying not to be bitter and mean.

12) Nagging Callum

13) Trying to ignore the gunshots and the damn election...that is still going on!!

So, not really all that exciting! Here's hoping after this weekend all will be in place...and after Tuesday when the cleaning lady comes the house will be super amounts of presentable!


Chantal said...

I started knitting too! Well sorta, I picked up a set of round knitting looms. I really like them. Although I forgot how long it can take to knit something. I seem to remember my grandma would fire off a sweater in one evening... Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy on that one. But she was so fast. I have been kitting a hat for myself for what feels like weeks. I guess I should be happy with that, I am lucky if I knit for an hour or two a week. I should be done next week I hope.

Jenn said...

We are getting ready to paint our living room soon. It's so much work!

#4 I LOVE Weeds but still haven't watched Tudors yet. I am think I need to rent the first season.

chelle said...

Phew you sound busy. Being that we just bought a house and I was exhausted for WEEKS I can only imagine the selling of one...sending sell quickly if that is what you want vibes!

marina said...

Good luck in selling your house. I just went thru that process, it's a pain, but worth it once it's sold.

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Hey, I really like your idea of taking pics of the stuff for your etsy shop outside! How awesome :) And Weeds is definitely my favorite show. You should check out The Riches if you ever get the chance... Happy TT! Mine's up too :D

Tini said...

I may have to steal your "why I haven't blogged" idea. While my reasons aren't the same, I've also been bad with keeping up.

Good luck selling your house! Happy TT :)

much more than a mom said...

Good luck with the house! How's the market there?

Lori said...

It sounds like you've been busy. Thanks for finding the time to stop by my blog:) Happy TT.

xup said...

Let me know when you figure that grocery bill thing out.

Mandy said...

Ah, my list is about double yours. Is there a Thursday 32?